Legislation Act 2003

Chapter 4 - Miscellaneous  

SECTION 59   Review of operation of this Act  

During the 3 months starting on the fifth anniversary of the commencement (the framework reform commencement ) of Schedule 1 to the Acts and Instruments (Framework Reform) Act 2015 , the Attorney-General must appoint persons to a body to review the operation of this Act.

A person appointed to the body may resign from it by giving the Attorney-General a signed notice of resignation.

The body must review all aspects of the operation of this Act and any related matters that the Attorney-General specifies.

The body must give the Attorney-General a written report on the review within 15 months after the fifth anniversary of the framework reform commencement.

The Attorney-General must cause the report to be laid before each House of the Parliament within 6 sitting days of the House after the Attorney-General receives the report.

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