Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 4 - Repayment of loans  


Division 154 - How is indebtedness compulsorily discharged?  

Subdivision 154-D - Application of tax legislation  

SECTION 154-65   Charges and civil penalties for failing to meet obligations  

Part 4-25 in Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 has effect as if:

(a) any *compulsory repayment amount of a person were *income tax payable by the person in respect of the *income year in respect of which the assessment of that debt was made; and

(b) this Chapter, and Part 5-5 , were *income tax laws.

Subsection (1) does not have the effect of making a person liable to a penalty for any act or omission that happened before the commencement of this subsection.

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