Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  


Division 19 - What are the quality and accountability requirements?  

Subdivision 19-F - What are the contribution and fee requirements?  

SECTION 19-102   Meaning of fee  

A fee includes any tuition, examination or other fee payable to a higher education provider by a person enrolled with, or applying for enrolment with, the provider.

A fee may also include any fee payable to the provider in respect of the granting of a *higher education award.

A fee does not include a fee that is:

(a) payable in respect of an organisation of students, or of students and other persons; or

(b) payable in respect of the provision to students of amenities or services that are not of an academic nature; or

(c) payable in respect of residential accommodation; or

(d) imposed in accordance with the Higher Education Provider Guidelines for the imposition of fees in respect of *overseas students; or

(e) payable in respect of studies (other than an *enabling course) that are not permitted to be undertaken for the purpose of obtaining a *higher education award; or

(f) determined, in accordance with the Higher Education Provider Guidelines, to be a fee of a kind that is incidental to studies that may be undertaken with a higher education provider; or

(g) a *student contribution amount payable in respect of a student.


The definition of fee in this section does not apply for the purposes of section 104-50 .

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