Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 5 - Administration  


Division 198 - Indexation  

SECTION 198-5   The amounts that are to be indexed  


This table sets out the amounts that are to be indexed.

Amounts that are to be indexed
Item Amounts: See:
1AA (Repealed by No 38 of 2012)
1A Amount mentioned in paragraph 19-37(5)(e) Section 19-37
1 *Commonwealth contribution amount Subsection 33-10(1)
2A *Grandfathered Commonwealth contribution amount Subsection 33-10(2)
2 Reduction amount Section 33-37
3 *Maximum student contribution amount for a place Section 93-10
4 The *HELP loan limit Section 128-20
5 *Maximum OS-HELP (overseas study) amounts Section 121-5
6 The *maximum OS-HELP (Asian language study) amount Section 121-15


The amount mentioned in the section referred to in an item of the table, for a calendar year with an indexation factor greater than 1, is replaced by the amount worked out in accordance with section 198-10 .

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