Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 1 - Introduction  

Division 2 - Objects  

SECTION 2-1   2-1   Objects of this Act  
The objects of this Act are:


to support a higher education system that:

(i) is characterised by quality, diversity and equity of access; and

(ii) contributes to the development of cultural and intellectual life in Australia; and

(iii) is appropriate to meet Australia ' s social and economic needs for a highly educated and skilled population; and

(iv) promotes and protects freedom of speech and academic freedom; and


to support the distinctive purposes of universities, which are:

(i) the education of persons, enabling them to take a leadership role in the intellectual, cultural, economic and social development of their communities; and

(ii) the creation and advancement of knowledge; and

(iii) the application of knowledge and discoveries to the betterment of communities in Australia and internationally; and

(iv) the engagement with industry and the local community to enable graduates to thrive in the workforce;
recognising that universities are established under laws of the Commonwealth, the States and the Territories that empower them to achieve their objectives as autonomous institutions through governing bodies that are responsible for both the university ' s overall performance and its ongoing independence; and

(c)  to strengthen Australia ' s knowledge base, and enhance the contribution of Australia ' s research capabilities to national economic development, international competitiveness and the attainment of social goals; and


to support students undertaking higher education and certain vocational education and training.

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