Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 5 - Administration  


SECTION 215-15   Civil penalty provisions  

Each *civil penalty provision of this Act (other than Schedule 1A ) is enforceable under Part 4 of the *Regulatory Powers Act.

Note 1:

Part 4 of the Regulatory Powers Act allows a civil penalty provision to be enforced by obtaining an order for a person to pay a pecuniary penalty for the contravention of the provision.

Note 2:

Schedule 1A of this Act contains separate monitoring and investigation powers in relation to matters dealt with in that Schedule: see Subdivision 5A-A of that Schedule.

For the purposes of Part 4 of the *Regulatory Powers Act as it applies in relation to the provisions mentioned in subsection (1):

(a) each of the following is an authorised applicant:

(i) the *Secretary;

(ii) an SES employee, or an acting SES employee, in the Department; and

(b) each *applicable court is a relevant court.

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