Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  


Division 38 - Indigenous student assistance grants  

SECTION 38-10   Eligibility for grants under this Part  

A *Table A provider or *Table B provider is, subject to subsection (3), eligible for grants under this Part, in respect of the year 2017 or a later year, for the following purposes:


assisting *Indigenous persons (who may or may not be students) to undertake higher education;


increasing the number of:

(i) *Indigenous persons enrolling in courses leading to *higher education awards; and

(ii) students who are Indigenous persons progressing in and completing courses leading to higher education awards.

Without limiting subsection (1), the purposes mentioned in that subsection may be achieved through the following means:

(a)  providing scholarships;

(b)  providing academic support, including supplementary tuition;

(c)  providing pastoral care;

(d)  implementing strategies to:

(i) accelerate improvements to Indigenous student outcomes in higher education; or

(ii) foster culturally-safe learning environments in higher education.

If the Indigenous Student Assistance Grants Guidelines:

(a)  provide for a grant; and

(b)  specify extra conditions of eligibility to receive the grant;

then a *Table A provider or *Table B provider is not eligible for the grant unless the provider complies with those extra conditions.

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