Higher Education Support Act 2003

Chapter 2 - Grants for higher education assistance etc  

Division 8 - Introduction  

SECTION 8-1   What this Chapter is about  

This Chapter provides for who are higher education providers, and for 4 kinds of grants to be made.

Part 2-1 sets out who are higher education providers (universities, self-accrediting entities and non self-accrediting entities), the quality and accountability requirements for higher education providers and how bodies cease to be higher education providers.


Except in very limited cases, only higher education providers can get grants under this Chapter.

The 4 kinds of grants available under this Chapter are:

  • grants under Part 2-2 (Commonwealth Grant Scheme) to certain higher education providers. These grants are paid in relation to Commonwealth supported places. Grants are made subject to conditions; and
  • grants under Part 2-2A to Table A providers and Table B providers to assist Indigenous persons; and
  • other grants under Part 2-3 to higher education providers and other bodies corporate for a variety of purposes; and
  • grants for Commonwealth scholarships to certain higher education providers under Part 2-4 .
  • The amount of a grant may be reduced, or an amount paid may be required to be repaid, if the recipient breaches a quality and accountability requirement or a condition of the grant (see Part 2-5 ).


    A body's approval as a higher education provider may be suspended or revoked for such a breach.

    This Chapter also provides for the direct payment to students of certain Commonwealth scholarships under Part 2-4 .

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