Higher Education Support Act 2003

Schedule 1A - VET FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme  


See section 6-1 .

PART 1 - VET providers  

Division 4 - What are the VET quality and accountability requirements?  

Subdivision 4-C - The VET quality requirements  

SECTION 17   Provider must maintain quality  

A *VET provider must operate, and continue to operate, at an appropriate level of quality for a VET provider.


To avoid doubt, subclause (1) covers the quality of all of a *VET provider ' s operations.


The Minister must not determine that a *VET provider meets an appropriate level of quality for a VET provider unless the Minister is satisfied that the provider meets the requirements relating to quality set out, or referred to, in the *VET Guidelines.

(Repealed by No 160 of 2012)


Despite subsection 14(2) of the Legislation Act 2003 , the *VET Provider Guidelines may refer to a requirement by applying, adopting or incorporating any matter contained in an instrument or other writing as in force or existing from time to time.

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