Higher Education Support Act 2003

Schedule 1A - VET FEE-HELP Assistance Scheme  


See section 6-1 .

PART 1 - VET providers  

Division 5A - Civil penalty provisions and enforcement  

Subdivision 5A-B - Infringement notices  

SECTION 39EB   39EB   Infringement officers  

For the purposes of Part 5 of the *Regulatory Powers Act, an infringement officer in relation to the *civil penalty provisions is:

(a) each *NVETR staff member who is:

(i) an SES employee or an acting SES employee; or

(ii) an APS employee who holds or performs the duties of an Executive Level 2 position or an equivalent position; or

(b) each SES employee, or an acting SES employee, in the Department.

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