Tax Laws Amendment (Repeal of Inoperative Provisions) Act 2006 (101 of 2006)

Schedule 2   Consequential amendments relating to Schedule 1 repeals etc.

Part 1   Amendments: general

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

398   Subsection 160AF(8) (definition of average rate of Australian tax )

Repeal the definition, substitute:

average rate of Australian tax , in relation to a taxpayer, means an amount per dollar worked out by dividing:

(a) the amount of income tax that would be assessed under this Act in respect of the taxpayer's taxable income of the year of income if the taxpayer was not entitled to:

(i) any rebate of tax (other than a rebate under subsection 23AB(7), section 79A or 79B or Subdivision A of Division 17 of Part III, or under an Act imposing income tax for the year of tax); or

(ii) any credit against the taxpayer's liability for tax;


(b) a number equal to the number of whole dollars in that taxable income.