Tax Laws Amendment (Repeal of Inoperative Provisions) Act 2006 (101 of 2006)

Schedule 2   Consequential amendments relating to Schedule 1 repeals etc.

Part 1   Amendments: general

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

628   At the end of Division 15


15-70 Reimbursed car expenses

Your assessable income includes a reimbursement mentioned in section 22 of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986 (about exempt car expense payment benefits) that, but for that section, would be a *fringe benefit *provided to you.

15-75 Bonuses

Your assessable income includes any amount you receive as or by way of bonus on a *life insurance policy, other than a reversionary bonus.

Note: Reversionary bonuses are covered by section 6-5 of this Act if they are ordinary income and, if not, by section 26AH of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.