Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Simplification) Act 2007 (15 of 2007)

Schedule 1   Consequential amendments etc.

Part 2   Other consequential amendments etc.

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

225   After subsection 306-15(1)


(1A) However, this section does not apply to a *roll-over superannuation benefit that is transferred from one *superannuation interest in a *superannuation plan to another superannuation interest in the same plan.

Note 1: A superannuation benefit may be paid from one superannuation plan of a superannuation provider to another superannuation plan of the same provider. Such a benefit may be a roll-over superannuation benefit: see section 306-10.

Note 2: For the treatment of amounts transferred within the same superannuation plan, see subsection 307-5(8).