Tax Agent Services Act 2009


Division 50 - Civil penalties  

Subdivision 50-C - Obtaining an order for a civil penalty  

SECTION 50-35   Federal Court may order you to pay a pecuniary penalty for contravening a civil penalty provision   Application for order

Within 4 years after you contravene a civil penalty provision, the Board may apply on behalf of the Commonwealth to the * Federal Court for an order that you pay the Commonwealth a pecuniary penalty. Court may order you to pay pecuniary penalty

If the * Federal Court is satisfied that you have contravened a civil penalty provision, the Federal Court may order you to pay to the Commonwealth, for each contravention, the pecuniary penalty that the Federal Court determines is appropriate (but not more than the maximum amount specified for the provision). Conduct contravening more than one civil penalty provision

If conduct contravenes 2 or more civil penalty provisions of this Act, proceedings may be instituted against you in relation to the contravention of any one or more of those provisions. However, you are not liable to more than one pecuniary penalty in respect of the same conduct.

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