Business Names Registration Act 2011


Note: See section 6 .


1   1   New South Wales  
Each of the following registers of New South Wales is specified:

(a)  the Register of Co-operatives established under the Co-operatives (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 of New South Wales;

(b)  the Register of Incorporated Associations established under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 of New South Wales;

(c)  the Register of Limited and Incorporated Limited Partnerships established under the Partnership Act 1892 of New South Wales;

(d)  the register of co-operative housing societies and Starr-Bowkett societies established under the Co-operative Housing and Starr-Bowkett Societies Act 1998 of New South Wales;

(e)  any register of the same kind as a register mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (d) , established in substitution for a register mentioned in one of those paragraphs.

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