Treasury Legislation Amendment (Repeal Day) Act 2015 (2 of 2015)

Schedule 2   Consolidation and repeal of tax provisions

Part 1   Administrative provisions

Division 1   Consolidation of administrative provisions

Taxation Administration Act 1953
11   Subsection 350-10(1) in Schedule 1 (table item 2)

Repeal the item, substitute:


(a) a notice of *assessment under a *taxation law; or

(b) a declaration under:

(i) subsection 165-40(1) or 165-45(3) of the *GST Act; or

(ii) subsection 75-40(1) or 75-45(3) of the Fuel Tax Act 2006; or

(c) a notice under section 18-140 in this Schedule, or under section 102UR, 177EA or 177EB of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936;

(a) the assessment or declaration was properly made, or the notice was properly given; and

(b) except in proceedings under Part IVC of this Act on a review or appeal relating to the assessment, declaration or notice - the amounts and particulars of the assessment, declaration or notice are correct.