Product Ruling

PR 2005/113W

Income tax: Kiri Park Project 2005/2006 - Pre 30 June 2006 Growers

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The number, subject heading, What this Product Ruling is about (including Tax law(s), Class of persons and Qualifications sections), Date of effect, Withdrawal, Arrangement and Ruling parts of this document are a 'public ruling' in terms of Part IVAAA of the Taxation Administration Act 1953. Product Ruling PR 1999/95 explains Product Rulings and Taxation Rulings TR 92/1 and TR 97/16 together explain when a Ruling is a 'public ruling' and how it is binding on the Commissioner.


1. This Product Ruling is withdrawn and ceases to have effect after 30 June 2009. The Ruling continues to apply, in respect of the tax law(s) ruled upon, to all persons within the specified class who enter into the arrangement specified below. Thus, the Ruling continues to apply to those persons, even following its withdrawal, who entered into the specified arrangement prior to withdrawal of the Ruling. This is subject to there being no change in the arrangement or in the persons' involvement in the arrangement.

Commissioner of Taxation
30 November 2005

Not previously issued as a draft


ATO references:
NO 2005/12938

ISSN: 1441-1172

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Subject References:
advance deductions and expenses for certain forestry expenditure
carrying on a business
commencement of business
fee expenses
forestry agreement
interest expenses
management fees
non-commercial losses
producing assessable income
product rulings
public rulings
seasonally dependent agronomic activity
tax avoidance
tax benefits under tax avoidance schemes
tax shelters
tax shelters project
taxation administration

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