Taxation Determination

TD 2000/1W

Income tax: capital gains: when a non-public entity that is partly owned by a public entity examines underlying interests in the non-public entity's pre-CGT assets for the purposes of Subdivision 149-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, does the non-public entity have to take into account the results of the public entity's tracing of underlying interests in the public entity's pre-CGT assets?

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may be releasedFOI number: I 1021154

Notice of Withdrawal

Taxation Determination TD 2000/1 is withdrawn with effect from today.

The Determination is withdrawn to correct an error in a legislative reference, the date of effect and to make some other minor changes. The Determination is replaced by Taxation Determination TD 2000/8, which issued today.

Commissioner of Taxation
2 February 2000

Previously issued as TD 1999/D34.


ATO references:
NO 99/9743-1

ISSN: 1038-8982

Related Rulings/Determinations:

IT 2530

Subject References:
Abnormal trading
continuity of majority underlying interests
interposed entity
majority underlying interests
non-public entity
pre-CGT assets;
public entity
test time
tracing of ownership and interests
underlying ownership and interests

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TD 2000/1W history
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  19 January 2000 Original ruling  
You are here 2 February 2000 Withdrawn