Taxation Ruling

TR 94/28

Income tax: list of points in isolated areas for zone rebate purposes

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What this Ruling is about
Previous Rulings
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This Ruling, to the extent that it is capable of being a 'public ruling' in terms of Part IVAAA of the Taxation Administration Act 1953, is a public ruling for the purposes of that Part. Taxation Ruling TR 92/1 explains when a Ruling is a public ruling and how it is binding on the Commissioner.

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What this Ruling is about

1. Section 79A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 provides for a rebate of tax for individual taxpayers who reside or stay in certain areas of Australia. The rebate is in recognition of uncongenial climatic conditions, isolation and the high cost of living encountered by residents of these areas in comparison with the rest of Australia. The areas are divided into two zones - Zone A and Zone B.

2. The boundaries of the zones are described in Parts I and II of Schedule 2 of the Act. Within each zone there are two areas - a "special area" which, broadly speaking, is a particularly isolated area within the zone, and an "ordinary area" which is the rest of the zone. Taxpayers living in a special area within a zone are entitled to a larger rebate than residents of the ordinary area of the zone.

3. This Ruling provides an alphabetical list of points that fall within Zone A and Zone B. Points include towns, islands, homesteads, outstations, mine sites and certain aboriginal communities. Points in the special area in Zone A are marked X in the list and points in the special area in Zone B are marked Y.

4. Although the list is intended to be as complete as possible it is recognised there may be localities which are not mentioned in it. Reference to nearby localities should enable a decision to be made in respect of any locality not specifically mentioned in the list.

5. This Ruling does not provide guidelines to assist in determining an individual taxpayer's eligibility for a zone rebate under section 79A. These guidelines are contained in Taxation Ruling TR 94/27. That Taxation Ruling explains:

in what circumstances a person resides in a zone area;
the factors to be considered in determining whether a point falls within a special area in either Zone A or Zone B including:

the shortest practicable surface route test in subsection 79A(3D); and
the adjacent or close proximity test in subsection 79A(3E); and

how the rebate is calculated, and the circumstances in which the Commissioner will exercise his discretion, for the purposes of paragraph 79A(2)(f).

Previous Rulings

6. The list supersedes all previous lists, and in particular consolidates IT 2357, IT 2418, IT 2454, and IT 2633. These Income Tax Rulings are now withdrawn. The list also includes a small number of points that have been determined to fall within the special areas of Zone A and Zone B. These points have not appeared in the previous Rulings that have issued.


7. A list of points in all States and Territories of Australia that fall within Zone A and Zone B follows. Points in Zone A and Zone B are marked A and B respectively. Points in the special area in Zone A are marked X, while points in the special area in Zone B are marked Y.

Point State Zone
Abbotsville Q B
Abbotts WA Y
Aberfoyle Q B
Abergowerie Q B
Abingden Downs Q X
Abminga SA Y
Abrolhos Islands WA B
Abswold Q B
Abydos WA A
Acacia Downs Q B
Acacia Downs NSW B
Adamsfield TAS B
Adavale Q B
Adelaide River NT A
Adelong Q B
Adels Grove (Mt Isa) Q X
Admiralty Gulf WA X
Adolphus Island WA X
Advance Q Y
Aeroglen Q B
Agnew Q X
Agnew WA Y
Aileron NT A
Airdale Q B
Airdmillan Q B
Airlie Q B
Aitkenvale Q B
Ajana WA B
Ajax Mine WA B
Alawa NT A
Alba Siding Q Y
Alberga SA Y
Albermarle NSW B
Alberri Creek SA Y
Albilah Q B
Albion Downs WA Y
Alcala Q X
Alderbury Q A
Alexandra Q B
Alexandria Downs NT X
Algebuckina Station SA Y
Algoma Q B
Ali Curung NT X
Alice Q B
Alice Downs Q B
Alice Downs WA X
Alice Springs NT A
Alilyangu SA Y
Allandale Station SA Y
Allen Island Q X
Alligator Creek Q B
Alma Island WA A
Almaden Q A
Almora Q X
Aloomba Q B
Alpara NT X
Alpurrurulam NT X
Alroy Q B
Alroy Downs NT X
Alton Downs Q B
Alton Downs SA Y
Altona (Yeelirrie) WA Y
Alyangula NT X
Amaroo NT X
Amata Aboriginal Community SA Y
Ambania WA B
Ambathala Q B
Amhurst Q B
Amoonguna NT A
Ampalatwatja NT X
Anabama SA B
Anambidgi NT X
Anavale Q B
Andado NT X
Andamooka SA Y
Andamooka Fields SA Y
Andamooka Station SA Y
Andergrove Q B
Andersonville Q B
Andoom Q X
Andrewvilla SA Y
Angatja SA Y
Angellala Q B
Angepena SA Y
Angkula NT A
Angledool NSW B
Angorichina SA B
Angurugu NT X
Angus Downs NT X
Anketell WA Y
Anna Creek SA Y
Anna Dale Q B
Anna Plains WA A
Anna Burro NT A
Annalero NSW B
Annandale (Diamantina) Q X
Annandale (Nebo) Q B
Annanpara NT X
Annean WA Y
Anningie NT X
Annitowa NT X
Answer Downs Q X
Antil Plains Q B
Anula NT A
Anumarrapirti WA Y
Aparatjara SA Y
Aparawatatja SA Y
Aparawimtji SA Y
Apinti Soak NT X
Appadagenna Peaks WA B
Appatinna SA Y
Aputula NT X
Aqua Downs Q B
Arabella Q B
Aragon Q A
Aralya SA Y
Aramac Q B
Arapunya NT X
Arcadia Q B
Arckaringa SA Y
Arcoona SA Y
Arcoordaby SA Y
Arden Vale SA B
Ardglen Q B
Ardingly WA B
Ardjorie WA A
Ardmore Q A
Ardoch Q B
Areyonga NT A
Argea Q B
Argyle Downs (Station) WA X
Arizona Q X
Arizona (Lansdowne) WA X
Arjuna Q Y
Arkankarpta NT A
Arkaroola SA Y
Arltunga NT A
Armadilla Q B
Armraynald Q X
Armuna Q B
Army Downs Q A
Arno Q B
Arnold Creek WA X
Aroona SA B
Arrabury Q Y
Arrilalah Q B
Arrowie SA Y
Arubiddy WA Y
Ascot (Winton) Q B
Ascotvale NSW B
Ashburton (Bulloo Downs) WA A
Ashburton Downs WA A
Asmus Q A
Atherton Q B
Atinla Q B
Atley WA Y
Augathella Q B
Augustus Downs Q X
Augustus Island WA X
Aurukun Q X
Austin WA Y
Austin Downs WA Y
Austral Downs NT X
Australian Antarctic Terri - X
Authoringa Q B
Autumn Vale Q Y
Auvergn NT X
Avington Q B
Avondale SA Y
Avon Downs NT X
Avova Downs WA B
Ayers Rock NT X
Ayr Q B
Ayton Q X
Babbage Island WA A
Babbiloora Q B
Babinda Q B
Baddera WA B
Baddila Q B
Baden Park NSW B
Badja WA Y
Badjerin Rock WA B
Badu Island Q X
Bakers Creek Q B
Baladgie WA B
Balagundi WA B
Balalie NSW B
Balberra Q B
Balbirini NT A
Balbuna Q B
Balcanoona SA Y
Bald Hill (Kumarina) WA A
Baldwin Creek Mill WA A
Balfe's Creek Q B
Balfour TAS B
Balfour Downs WA A
Balfours Well SA Y
Balgarrie WA B
Balgo NT X
Balgo Hill (Billiluna) WA X
Balgo Mission WA X
Bali WA B
Balla Balla WA A
Balladonia WA Y
Ballal Q B
Ballindalloch Q Y
Balline WA B
Ballygar Q B
Balmoral (Mardie) WA A
Balootha Q X
Balyer Bluff (Bulyee) WA Y
Bamaga Q X
Bambaroo Q B
Bamboo Q X
Bamboo WA A
Bamboo Creek NT X
Bamboo Creek Minesite WA X
Bamboo Springs WA A
Bamyili NT A
Ban Ban Q B
Ban Ban Spring NT A
Bandya (Urarey) WA Y
Banjawarn WA Y
Banka Banka NT X
Banna Q B
Bannockburn Q B
Barabon Q Y
Baratta SA B
Barbalin WA B
Barboorah Q B
Barcaldine Q B
Barclay Downs Q A
Barcoorah Q B
Bardoc WA B
Barduthulla Q B
Barenya Q B
Barkly Downs Q A
Barlowerie (Airfield) WA Y
Barnato NSW B
Barngo Q B
Barnong WA B
Baronta Q B
Barradale Roadhouse WA X
Barrambie WA Y
Barratta Q B
Barrilgie Q B
Barrine Q B
Barringha Q B
Barrington Q B
Barringun NSW B
Barron Falls Q B
Barrow Island WA X
Bartlefrere Q B
Barton SA Y
Barton Plains
(Kalumburu Cattle Station) WA X
Barwidgee WA Y
Barwidgi Q A
Batavia Downs Q X
Batcha Q A
Batchelor NT A
Bates SA Y
Bathurst Island NT X
Battery Point WA X
Battle Camp Q X
Bauhinia NT X
Bawooing Q X
Bay Of Biscay Hills (Sophie Downs) WA X
Beachview Atherton Q B
Beacon WA B
Beaconsfield Q B
Beagle Bay Mission WA A
Beal Q B
Beallah Q B
Beatric Eriver Q B
Beatty WA B
Bedford Downs WA B
Bedourie Q X
Beegorge WA A
Bee Hill Mine WA A
Beebyn WA Y
Beechal Q B
Beemery NSW B
Bees Creek NT A
Beetaloo NT X
Beete WA B
Belele-Trilbar WA Y
Belfast Q Y
Belgian Gardens Q B
Bellalie Q Y
Bellana SA B
Bellenden-Ker Q B
Bellevue Q X
Bellevue (Flinders) Q B
Bellfield (Croydon) Q X
Belmont Q B
Beltana SA Y
Bemerside Q B
Ben Lomond NSW B
Benagerie SA B
Bencubbin WA B
Bencubbin North WA B
Bendemeer Q Y
Bendie Downs Q Y
Benholme Q B
Benlidi Q B
Benmara NT X
Bentinck Island Q X
Berawinna Downs NSW Y
Beresford SA Y
Bergaje Q B
Beria WA Y
- Homestead WA Y
- Outstation WA X
Beringbooding Rock WA B
Berlino SA Y
Bernier Island WA A
Berrimah NT A
Berriwerri Q B
Bertiehaugh Q X
Beryl Q B
Beswick NT A
Betoota Q X
Beverley Springs WA X
Bexley Q B
Beyondie WA A
Bibil Q B
Biboohra Q B
Bickerton Island NT X
Bidgemia WA A
Bierbank Siding Q B
Big Bell WA Y
Bigge Island WA X
Billa Kalina SA Y
Billabalong WA B
Billeroo SA B
Billila NSW B
Billiluna WA X
Billinooka WA A
Bilwon Q B
Bilyana Q B
Bilyuin Pool WA X
Bimbijy WA B
Bimbowrie SA B
Bimerah Q B
Binbee Q B
Bindara NSW B
Bindoo Hill WA B
Bindorraha SA B
Bingbong NT X
Binneringie WA B
Binnu WA B
Binthalya WA A
Binyarinyinna Rock WA B
Birdsville Q X
Birdum NT A
Birkalla Q B
Birrimba NT X
Birrindudu NT X
Birthday SA B
Black Braes Q Y
Black Flag WA B
Black Hill WA Y
Black Range WA Y
Blackall Q B
Blackbank Q B
Blackbull Q X
Blackgate Q B
Blackhill SA Y
Blackstone WA Y
Blairmoor Q B
Blanchwater SA Y
Blantyre Q B
Blantyre NSW B
Blina Homestead WA A
Blinman SA B
Bloods Creek SA Y
Bloomfield (Blackall) Q Y
Bloomfield River Q X
Bloomsbury Q B
Blue Dam SA Y
Blue Hill WA A
Blue Hills SA Y
Blue Mountain (Nebo) Q B
Blue Water Q B
Bluff Downs Q B
Boakhara Plains NSW B
Boatman Q B
Bobawaba Q B
Bodallin WA B
Bogarilla Q B
Bogewong Q B
Bogunda Q B
Bohemia Downs WA X
Bohle Vale Q B
Boigu Island - X

Bokhara NSW B
Bollards Lagoon SA Y
Bomalli NSW B
Bombeeta Q B
Bon Bon SA Y
Bond Springs NT A
Boneda NSW B
Bonna Vonna Q B
Bonney Downs WA A
Bonnie Rock WA B
Bonnie Vale WA B
Bontabo Q B
Bonya NT X
Booanya WA B
Boobara Q B
Boodanoo WA Y
Boodarie WA A
Boodarockin WA B
Boogan Q B
Boogardie WA Y
Bookabie SA Y
Bookaloo SA B
Bookin Q A
Boolaloo WA A
Boolan WA A
Boolardy WA Y
Boolathana WA A
Boolbanna Q B
Boolcoomatta SA Y
Boolgeeda WA A
Boologooro WA A
Boomara Q A
Boonderoo WA B
Boondi WA B
Boongana Q B
Boonmoo Q B
Boora NSW B
Boorabbin WA B
Boorara Q B
Boorara WA B
Boorindal NSW B
Boorooma NSW B
Boorthana SA Y
Bootooloo Q B
Booylgoo Springs WA Y
Bopeechee SA Y
Boppy Mountain NSW B
Border Downs NSW B
Boree Q Y
Borroloola NT X
Borrona Downs NSW Y
Bosworth SA Y
Boulder WA B
Boulia Q X
Boundary Bore NT X
Bountiful Island Q X
Bourke NSW B
Bow River WA X
Bowen Q B
Bowen Downs Q B
Bowes River WA B
Bowie Q B
Bowthorn Q X
Bowyer Q B
Box Creek SA Y
Box Tank (Broken Hill) NSW B
Boyadup Swamp WA B
Boyatup Hill WA B
Braceborough Q B
Brachina SA B
Brackenburgh Q Y
Bradshaw NT X
Braemar SA B
Braemeadows Q B
Braemore (Mt Hadfield) WA B
Braeside (Mckinlay) Q X
Bramwell Q X
Brandon Q B
Breadalbane Q X
Bremer Islands NT X
Bremer Range WA B
Brewarrina NSW B
Briaba Q B
Brick House WA A
Brightlands Q A
Brighton Downs (Winton) Q Y
Brinawa Q X
Brindingabba NSW B
Brinkin NT A
Briolley NSW B
Brixton Q B
Broad Arrow WA B
Broadford Q Y
Broadhurst Range WA X
Broadlands Q B
Broadleigh Downs Q B
Broken Hill NSW B
Broken Hill Railway Town NSW B
Broken Hill West NSW B
Bromby Island NT X
Bromus WA B
Bronte Q B
Bronte TAS B
Bronte Park TAS B
Brontie WA B
Brook Hill Q B
Brooking Springs WA X
Brooklyn (Mos sman) Q B
Brooklyn (Winton) Q Y
Broome WA A
Broughton Q B
Brown Hill (Kalgoorlie) WA B
Browns Bore NT X
Brunchilly NT X
Brunel Downs Q B
Brunette Downs NT X
- Homestead WA X
- Outstation WA X
Bucasia Q B
Buchanan NT X
Buckaringa Hill SA B
Buckingham Downs Q A
Buckleboo Station SA B
Buckwaroon NSW B
Budgerygar Q B
Buldania Rocks WA B
Bulga Downs WA Y
Bulgobac TAS B
Bulgroo Q Y
Bulgunnia SA Y
Bulimba Q X
Bull Camp NT X
Bull-Bulling WA B
Bullara (Sansue)
- Homestead WA A
- Outstation WA X
Bullardoo WA B
Bulleura WA A
Bullfinch WA B
Bullita NT X
Bulliwallah Q B
Bullo River NT X
Bullock Creek Q A
Bulloo Creek SA B
Bulloo Downs Q Y
Bulloo Downs WA A
Bulman NT X
Bulong WA B
Bunawarra WA B
Bunburra SA Y
Bunda Bunda Q X
Bundaleer Q B
Bundarra NSW Y
Bundarra WA Y
Bundey River NT X
Bungalien Q A
Bungalow Q B
Bunketch WA B
Burakin WA B
Burando SA B
Burbidge WA B
Burdekin Falls Q B
Burgah Q B
Burgamoo Q B
Burkes Park WA X
Burketown Q X
Burleigh Q X
Burnabbie WA Y
Burndoo Tank NSW B
Burnerbinmah WA Y
Burnham Q X
Burr Well SA Y
Burra Q B
Burra Rock WA B
Burrenbah Q Y
Burrenbring Q B
Burrup Peninsula WA B
Burta NSW B
Burtville WA B
Busthinia Q B
Butchers Creek Q B
Butha NSW B
Buthurra Q B
Butlers Gorge TAS B
Butru Q A
Buttah (Belele) WA Y
Butterfly Hill WA X
Buttermire (Belele) WA Y
Buzzacot Q B
Byerstown Q B
- Homestead WA Y
- Outstation WA X
Byrock NSW B
Caapa City NT X
Cacuppa SA B
Cadelga SA Y
Cadney Park SA Y
Caiguna WA Y
Cains Well (Mallina) WA A
Cairns Q B
Cairns Outstation WA A
Cairo Q B
Caiwarra Q B
Cajou (Innouendy) WA X
Calcalling Hill WA B
Calcifer Q A
Calcium Q B
Caldervale Q B
Caledonia Q B
Calen Q B
Callabonna SA Y
Callagiddy WA A
Callanna SA Y
Callawa WA A
Callion WA B
Callytharra Springs WA A
Calooli WA B
Calton Hills (Mt Isa) Q A
Calure (Bandya) WA Y
Calvert Hills NT X
Calwynyardah WA X
Camballin WA X
Camburinga NT X
Cameron Downs Q Y
Camfield NT X
Camoola Q B
Camooweal Q A
Campbell Range WA X
Campion East WA B
Canary Q X
Canaway Downs Q B
Canbelego NSW B
Cane River WA A
Canegrass SA B
Cannatalkaninna (Old Station) SA Y
Cannon Valley Q B
Cannonvale Beach Q B
Cannum Downs Q Y
Canobie Q X
Canopus SA B
Canterbury Q Y
Cape Barren Island TAS B
Cape Crawford NT X
Cape Keraudren WA A
Cape Lambert WA A
Cape Leveque WA A
Cape Preston WA A
Cape Range National Park WA X
Cape River Q B
Cape Sorell TAS B
Caping Q B
Carandotta Q A
Caravonica Q B
Caraweena SA Y
Carbeen Q B
Carbine WA B
Carbla (Yaringa South) WA B
Carbonate Creek Q B
Cardabia WA A
Cardawan Hill (Kumarina) WA A
Cardigan Q B
Cardington Q B
Cardinia Hill WA B
Cardross Q A
Cardstone Q B
Cardwell Q B
Carella Q B
Carey Downs WA A
Cariewerloe SA B
Carinta WA B
Carlaminda WA B
Carlindi WA A
Carlisle Island Q B
Carlton Hill WA X
Carmarthen Downs Q X
Carnarvon WA A
Carnarvon East WA A
Carnavon Q B
Carnding SA Y
Carnegie (Wongawol) WA X
Carnes SA Y
Carney Hill WA B
Carnot Bay WA A
Carnot Peak WA A
Carpentaria Downs Q X
Carr Boyd Rocks WA B
Carrabin WA B
Carranya Q Y
Carranya (Halls Creek) WA X
Carrar Q X
Carrarang WA Y
Carrick Q X
Carrington Q B
Carruchan Q B
Carson River WA X
Carstairs Q B
Carwell Q B
Cashmere Downs - Homestead WA Y
Casketvale (Station) WA A
Cassilis Q X
Cassini Island WA X
Cassowary Q B
Casuarina NT A
Cathy Q B
Catumnal Q B
Centre Island NT X
Chadshunt Q X
Challa WA Y
Chambers Gorge SA Y
Champagny Island WA X
Chandler SA Y
Chapman East WA B
Chapman Research Station WA B
Charleville Q B
Charlotte Plains (Paroo) Q B
Charlotte Plains (Flinder) Q B
Charlotte Waters NT A
Charlton NSW B
Charnley River Outstation (Beverley Springs) WA X
Charringa Q B
Charters Towers Q B
Chatsworth Q A
Cheepie Q B
Cheetah Plains Outstation (Wyloo) WA A
Chelona Q B
Cheriton's Find WA B
Cherrabun WA X
Chesterton Q B
Chestnut (Christmas Creek) WA X
Cheviot Hills Q Y
Chewko Q B
Chifley Siding WA B
Chillagoe Q A
Chiltern Hills Q Y
Chilverton Q B
Chinbi Q Y
Chiralla (Mt Welcome) WA A
Chircan Q B
Chorregon Q B
Christmas Creek WA X
Christmas Island - X
Chudleigh Park Q Y
Chumbrumba Q B
Circle Valley WA B
Clamptons Mine WA B
Clanside Q B
Claraville Q X
Clare Q B
Clare Downs WA B
Claredale Q B
Clarendon Q B
Clarina Q X
Clarke Hills Q B
Clarke Island TAS B
Clarke River Q B
Claverton Q B
Clayton SA Y
Cleanskin (Mt Hart) WA X
Cleary WA B
Cleeve Q B
Clevedon Q B
Clifton Downs (Via Tibooburra) NSW Y
Clifton Downs (Via Yantabulla) NSW B
Clifton Hills SA Y
Clifton Ville Q B
Clio (Richmond Shire) Q X
Clio (Winton Shire) Q Y
Clonagh Q A
Cloncurry Q A
Clover Downs WA B
Cluden Q B
Clunie Vale Q B
Cluny Q X
Clutha Q X
Coalbrook Q X
Cobar NSW B
Cobbina WA A
Cobham NSW B
Cobra WA A
Coburn WA B
Cocanarup WA B
Cockatina (Mt Ewman) WA A
Cockatoo Island WA X
Cockatoo Island NT X
Cockburn SA B
Cockburn Range WA X
Cockenzie Q B
Cocklebiddy WA Y
Coconut Grove NT A
Cocos (Keeling) Islands - X
Coen Q X
Cogla Downs WA Y
Colabara Q B
Collarenebri NSW B
Collerina NSW B
Collingvale Q B
Collingwood River TAS B
Collinsville Q B
Collis Downs (Lansdowne) WA X
Colona SA Y
Colreavy WA B
Comet SA Y
Comet Vale WA B
Commodore SA B
Commonwealth Hill SA Y
Comongin Q B
Compton Downs Q Y
Compton Downs NSW B
Comstock TAS B
Condingup WA B
Conegwoi Q Y
Congie Q Y
Coningsby Q B
Coniston Q Y
Coniston NT A
Conjuboy Q B

Conn Q B
Connemara Q B
Connolly Q B
Connulpie NSW Y
Conway Q B
Coober Pedy SA Y
Coodardy WA Y
Cooglegong WA A
Cooinda Q B
Cooinda NT A
Cook SA Y
Cooke Point WA A
Cookerbingie (Mia Mia) WA A
Cooktown Q X
Coolabah NSW B
Cooladdi Q B
Coolamon (North) Q B
Coolatai Q Y
Coolawanyah WA A
Coolbie Q B
Coolcalalaya WA B
Cooleys Well Q B
Coolgardie WA B
Coolgarra Q B
Coolinup Swamp WA B
Coolullah Q A
Coombah NSW B
Coompana SA Y
Coonana WA B
Coonanna Hill WA B
Cooncan Q Y
Coondambo SA Y
Coongan WA A
Coongie SA Y
Coongie Lake SA Y
Coongoola Q B
Coorabie SA Y
Coorabulka Q X
Cooralya WA A
Coordewandy WA X
Cootanoorina SA Y
Cootawundi NSW B
Cooya Pooya WA A
Cooyeana Q X
Copley SA Y
Copper Mine Hills (Pilbara) WA A
Copperfield WA B
Copperhill SA Y
Coppin Gap (Pilbara) WA A
Corabena SA B
Coral Bay WA A
Cordalia (Mia Mia) WA A
Cordelia Q B
Cordillow Downs SA Y
Corea Plains Q B
Coreena Q B
Corella (Wara tea) WA X
Corfield Q Y
Corfu Q B
Corinda Station Q B
Corindi Q B
Corinna TAS B
Corinthia WA B
Cork Q Y
Corona Q B
Coronation Island WA X
Corunna Downs WA A
Cosmo Newberry WA Y
Cosmo Newberry Hill WA Y
Cossack WA A
Cotabena SA B
Country Downs WA A
Cowan Downs Q X
Cowan Hill WA B
Coward Springs SA Y
Cowarie SA Y
Cowarna Downs WA B
Cowendyne (Fossil Downs) WA X
Cowga NSW B
Cowley Q B
Cowra (Mulga Downs) WA A
Cox River NT X
Craigie Q B
Cramsie Q B
Crediton Q B
Credo WA B
Creen Creek Q A
Cremona Q X
Crendon (Richmond) Q X
Crendon (Winton) Q B
Crescent Downs Q B
Cresswell Downs NT X
Croker Island NT X
Cromarty Q B
Crotty TAS B
Croydon Q X
Croydon WA A
Cu-Cania Q B
Cuckadoo Q X
Cuddapan Q Y
Cuddingwarra Hill WA Y
Cue WA Y
Culculli WA Y
Culpaulin NSW B
Cumberland Q A
Cumberland Island Q B
Cumborah NSW B
Cundalabbie SA Y
Cundeelee WA Y
Cundeelee Mission WA Y
Cundilippy SA Y
Cundlebar WA A
Cunningham Island NT X
Cunnamulla Q B
- Homestead WA Y
- Outstation WA X
Curalle Q Y
Curara WA B
Curara Well WA X
Curbur WA Y
Curdimurka SA Y
Curnamona SA Y
Currajah Q B
Currajong Q B
Curranyalpa NSW B
Currareva Q Y
Currawilla Q Y
Currawinya Q B
Currie TAS B
Curtin WA B
Curtin Springs NT X
Cutana SA B
Cutungumyah Outstation (De Grey) WA A
Cygnet Bay WA X
Cygnet Hill WA X
Dagworth Q X
Daintree Q B
Dairy Creek WA A
Dajarra Q A
Dalbeg Q B
Dales Gorge WA A
Dalgaranga (Beryl Mine) WA Y
Dalgety Downs - Homestead WA X
Dalgonally Q X
Dalgouring WA B
Dalhousie SA Y
Dalkeith (Julia Creek) Q X
Dalkieth (Hughenden) Q Y
Dalkieth (Longreach) Q B
Dallachy Q B
Dalmore Q B
Dalmore Downs NT X
Dalrymple Heights Q B
Daly River NT A
Daly Waters NT X
Dalyup WA B
Dampier WA A
Dampier Downs (Mowla Bluff) WA A
Danbulla Q B
Dandaraga WA Y
Daniell WA B
Daradgee Q B
Darda WA Y
Darlot WA Y
Darnick NSW B
Darr Q B
Dartmouth Q B
Darwin NT A
Davenport Downs Q Y
David's Well SA Y
Davyhurst WA B
Dawlish Q B
Day Dawn WA Y
De Grey WA A
De Rose Hill SA Y
Deakin WA Y
Debella (Bowen) Q B
Debella (Juliacreek) Q X
Debesa WA A
Dee Lagoon TAS B
Deepdale (Yarraloola) WA A
Deeral Q B
Degarra Q X
Deighton Q A
Delalah House NSW Y
Delmore Downs NT X
Delny NT A
Delta Q B
Delta Downs Q X
Denham WA X
Denham Island Q X
Denleigh Downs Q Y
Denman SA Y
Depot Springs WA Y
Depuch Island WA A
Derby WA A
Derbyshire Downs Q B
Derry Downs NT X
Derwent Bore NT X
Derwent Bridge TAS B
Desdemona (Melita) WA B
Desmond WA B
Dessailery Q B
Devereaux Q B
Devlin Q Y
Devon Court Q A
Diamantina Lakes Q Y
Diamond Plains - Outstation Q B
Diamond Well - Homestead WA Y
Dicks Creek Q B
Die Hardie Range WA B
Diemals (Find) WA B
Dillalah Q B
Dillcar Q B
Dimbulah Q B
Dimora Q X
Dindiloa WA B
Ding Wall Q B
Diomenor (Mt Minnie) WA A
Dirk Hartog Island WA A
Disaster Bay WA A
Dittmer Q B
Dixie Q X
Djarawong Q B
Djembere NT A
Dneiper NT X
Dneiper Station NT X
Dobbyn Q A
Docker River NT X
Dolomite Q A
Dolphin Island WA A
Don Q B
Donald Downs Q Y
Donor's Hill Q X
Dooley Downs WA A
Doolgunna - Homestead WA X
Doomadgee Q X
Doongan WA X
Doongmabulla Station Q Y
Doorawarrah WA A
Doradilla NSW B
Dorre Island WA A
Dotswood Q B
Double Tank NT X
Douglas Daly NT A
Douglas Daly Research Station NT A
Douglas Downs (Mt Isa) Q A
Dow's Creek Q B
Dowak WA B
Doyle's Well WA B
Drapers Q B
Dromore NSW Y
Dronfield Q A
Drumduff Q X
Drummond Cove WA B
Drummoyne Q B
Dry Lake NSW B
Drysdale Island NT X
Drysdale River Mission WA X
Dubble Barrill TAS B
Duchess Q A
Duck Creek WA A
Duck Hill WA B
Duff Creek SA Y
Duffield NT X
Duketon WA Y
Dukin WA B
Dulkannina SA Y
Dulyalbin WA B
Dumbleton Q B
Dunbar Q X
Dundas TAS B
Dundee (Murweh) Q Y
Dundoo Q B
Dundulo Q B
Dungarvon NSW B
Dungiven Q B
Dungowan NT X
Dunham River WA X
Dunk Island Q B
Dunlop NSW B
Dunmarra NT X
Dunnsville WA B
Duntroon NSW B
Dunwold Q B
Duplex Hill WA B
Durack River (Home Valley) WA X
Durham Downs Q Y
Duri WA B
Durkin SA Y
Durrie Q X
Dynevor Downs Q B
Eagle Bluff WA B
Eagle Bore SA Y
Eagle-Hawke NSW B
Eaglefield Q B
Ealbara SA Y
Earaheedy WA X
Earlstoun Q B
Earlville Q B
East Carnarvon WA A
East Chapman WA B
East Haydon Q X
East Lake (Paroo) Q B
East Toorale NSW B
East Well SA Y
East Yuna WA B
Eastmere Q B
Ebagoola Q X
Edaggee WA A
Edah WA Y
Eddington Siding Q X
Eden (Melita) WA B
Edenhope (Norie) WA Y
Edeowie SA B
Edgehill Q B
Ediacara SA Y
Edjudina WA B
Edmonton Q B
Edmund WA A
Edward River Q X
Edwards Creek SA Y
Eginbah WA A
Eimeo Q B
Einasleigh Q X
El Questro WA X
El Sharana NT A
El Trune NSW B
El-Arish Q B
Elaroo Q B
Elderslie (Cooktown) Q X
Elderslie (Winton) Q Y
Elgee Cliffs WA X
Elinjaa Q B
Elkedra NT X
Ellenbrae WA X
Ellendale WA X
Ellerbeck Q B
Elliott NT X
Elmina Q B
Elora Soak WA B
Elsey NT A
Elsie Creek WA A
Elsie Hills Q Y
Elton Q B
Elverston Q B
Elvire WA X
Elvo Q Y
Elwell Q B
Emerald Creek (Mareeba) Q B
Emerald Springs NT A
Emmet Q B
Emu Bluff SA Y
Emu Bore NT X
Emu Plains (Bowen) Q B
Emudilla Q B
Endeavour Q X
Enderby Island WA A
Endyalgout Island NT X
Engawala NT A
Engoordina NT A
Enngonia NSW B
Ennuin WA B
Epenara NT X
Epsilon Q Y
Erakala Q B
Eringa SA Y
Erldunda NT A
Erlistoun WA Y
Ernabella SA Y
Erne Q Y
Eromanga Q Y
Erong Springs WA X
Errabiddy WA X
Erudina SA B
Escombe Downs Q Y
Escott Q X
Esmerelda NT A
Esmeralda Q X
Esperance WA B
Etadunna SA Y
Ethe l Creek WA A
Etitinna SA Y
Eton Q B
Etowri Q B
Ettrick (Mulyie) WA A
Eubenangee Q B
Eucla WA Y
Eucolo Hut SA B
Eudamullah WA A
Eulalie NSW B
Eulaminna WA B
Eulinna (Now Yindi) WA B
Eulo Q Y
Eulolo Q X
Euminbah NSW B
Eungella Q B
Euorata (Flora Valley) WA X
Euramo Q B
Eurardy WA B
Eureka (Nebo) Q B
Euri Q B
Euroka Springs Q X
Eurunga Q B
Eva Downs NT X
Evans SA Y
Evanston WA B
Evelyn Q B
Evelyn Downs SA Y
Everard Park SA Y
Everton Q B

Evora Q B
Ewan Q B
Ewan Plains Q B
Exley Q B
Exmoor Q A
Exmouth WA X
Exmouth Gulf WA X
Eyre WA Y
Fairfield (Esperance) WA B
Fairfield (Kimberleys) WA X
Fairlight NSW B
Fairlight Q X
Fairview (Richmond) Q X
Fairview (Winton) Q B
Fairyland Q B
Falls Creek TAS B
Fannie Bay NT A
Fanning Q B
Fanning River Q B
Fanny Cove WA B
Faraway Hill SA B
Farina SA Y
Farleigh Q B
Farrell TAS B
Faure Island WA A
Federal SA Y
Feluga Q B
Ferguson SA Y
Ferndale (Paroo) Q B
Feysville WA B
Fields Find WA Y
Figtree Creek Q B
Fimiston (Kalgoorlie) WA B
Finch Hatton Q B
Finke NT X
Finniss Springs SA Y
Finucane Island WA A
Firewood TAS B
Fisher SA Y
Fishery Falls Q B
Fitzgerald Peaks WA B
Fitzroy NT A
Fitzroy Crossing WA X
Fitzroy Pastoral Research Station WA X
Flaggy Q A
Flaggy Creek Q B
Fleetwood Q Y
Flinders Group Q X
Flinders Island TAS B
Flodden Hills Q B
Flora Valley WA X
Floraville Q X
Floreat Q B
Florence Q A
Floriana Q B
Fluorspar Q A
Flying Fish Point Q B
Ford's Bridge NSW B
Forest Home (Etheridge) Q X
Forrest WA Y
Forrest River Mission WA X
Forsayth Q X
Forsyth Island Q X
Forsythe's Siding Q X
Fort Constantine Q A
Fort Grey NSW Y
Fortescue River WA A
Fortuna Q B
Fossil Downs WA X
Fossilbrook Q A
Fowlers Bay SA Y
Foxdale Q B
Fraser Q B
Fraser Range WA B
Frazier Downs WA A
Fregon SA Y
Frenchman Creek Q B
Frensham Q Y
Freshwater Q B
Frewena NT X
Frewhurst Q A
Frog Hollow (Mabel Downs) WA X
Frome Downs SA B
Fumar Q B
Furneaux Islands TAS B
Gabanintha WA Y
Gabbin WA B
Gabyon WA B
Gairloch (Richmond) Q X
Galbraith Q X
Galena WA B
Galiwinku NT X
Galway Downs Q Y
Ganjarani NT X
Gapuoiyak NT X
Garbutt Q B
Garden Granites Rock WA Y
Garden Point NT X
Garford SA Y
Gargett Q B
Garradunga Q B
Garratt WA B
Gascoyne Agricultural Research Station WA A
Gascoyne Junction WA A
Gascoyne River WA A
Geeberga Q B
Geera Q B
Geikie Gorge National Park WA X
Gemoka (Richmond) Q X
Georgetown Q X
Georgina Downs NT X
Geraldine WA B
Gerby WA B
Gerty's Hill SA Y
Ghooli WA B
Gibb River WA X
Gibralter Rocks SA Y
Gibson WA B
Gibson's Camp SA Y
Gidgealpa SA Y
Gidgee WA Y
Gifford Creek WA A
Gilbert River Q X
Gilbert Springs NT A
Gilberton Q X
Giles Meteorological Station WA X
Gilgai WA B
Gilgarna Rock WA B
Gilgie Downs (Go Go) WA X
Gilgies Q B
Gilliat (Julia Creek) Q A
Gillies Q B
Gilpeppee Outstation Q Y
Gilpin's Well SA Y
Gilroyd WA A
Ginburra Q A
Gindalbie WA B
Giralia WA X
Girilambone NSW B
Giru Q B
Gladstone WA A
Glen WA Y
Glen Allen Q B
Glen Avon Q B
Glen Boree SA Y
Glen Dillon Q B
Glen Helen NT A
Glen Hill WA X
Glen Hope (Via White Cliffs) NSW Y
Glen Isla (Mt Isa) Q A
Glen Lyon (Richmond) Q A
Glenariff Q B
Glenayle WA X
Glenburgh WA X
Glendambo SA Y
Glendilla Q Y
Glendon Q B
Glenfield WA B
Glenflorrie WA A
Glengarry Q B
Glengyle Q X
Glenhope NSW B
Glenidle (Ashburton Downs) WA A
Glenmore (Winton) Q Y
Glenore Q X
Glenormiston Q X
Glenorn WA B
Glenray Scour Siding Q B
Glenrock Q A
Glenross WA A
Glenroy (Kimberleys) WA X
Glenroy (Onslow) WA A
Glenstuart Q B
Glenusk Q B
Globe Hill (The Range) WA X
Gloucester Island Q B
Glyde Hill SA Y
Gnaraloo WA A
Gnarlbine Rock WA B
Gnaweeda (Sherwood) WA Y
Gnows Nest Hill WA B
Go Go (Margaret Downs) WA X
Gochan-Jin-Jirra NT X
Golden Gate Creek (Croydon) Q X
Golden Grove Q B
Golden Ridge WA B
Golden Valley WA B
Goldsworthy WA A
Gongolan NSW B
Goode SA Y
Goodia WA B
Goodiariie Hills WA A
Goodooga NSW B
Goodparla NT A
Goolboo Q B
Goombalie NSW B
Goolburra Q B
Goombalie NSW B
Goombie Q B
Goondi Q B
Goongarrie (Comet Vale) WA B
Goorimpa NSW B
Goose Hill (Kimberleys) WA X
Gordon TAS B
Gordon WA B
Gordon Downs WA X
Gordonvale Q B
Gormanston TAS B
Gosses SA Y
Goulbourn Island NT X
Gove NT X
Gowan Q Y
Goyder's Lagoon SA Y
Grampian Hills Q X
Granada Q A
Granite Downs SA Y
Granite Hills WA Y
Granite Peak - Homestead WA X
Grant Creek WA X
Grants Patch WA B
Granville Q B
Granville Harbour TAS B
Grassmere NSW B
Grass Hut NSW B
Grass Patch WA B
Grassy TAS B
Grawin NSW B
Green Vale Q B
Greenbank NT X
Greenvale Q B
Greenwood WA Y
Gregory Downs Q X
Gregory Range WA X
Gregory Springs Q B
Groote Eylandt NT X
Gueyan Q B
Guilford Junction TAS B
Gullewa WA B
Gulliver Q B
Guluwura NT X
Gumahah (Cunnamulla) Q Y
Gumbalie NSW B
Gumbardo Q B
Gumlu Q B
Gun Creen (Youno Downs) WA Y
Gundabloui NSW B
Gunjoola Q A
Gunnadorah WA Y
Gunnawarra Q B
Gunpowder Q A
Gunyarra Q B
Gurner NT X
Gurrumbah Q A
Guthalunga Q B
Gwalia WA B
Gwalia Woodline WA B
Haasts Bluff NT X
Habana Q B
Haddon Downs SA Y
Haig WA Y
Halifax Q B
Hall Point WA X
Hallbrook Q B
Halls Creek WA X
Hamelin WA B
Hamelin Pool WA B
Hamersley WA A
Hamersle Yranges WA A
Hamilton Downs Q X
Hamilton Homestead SA Y
Hamilton Hotel Q X
Hamilton Park Q B
Hammond Downs Q Y
Hammond Island Q X
Hampden Mine (Mt Isa) Q A
Hampstead Q X
Hampton WA B
Hampton Hill WA B
Hampton Plains WA B
Hanley Q B
Hann River WA X
Happy Bay Q B
Happy Valley Q B
Hardington Q B
Hardy Junction (Wyloo) WA A
Harris Hills WA Y
Harris Lake WA B
Hart's Range NT A
Harvest Home Q B
Harvey Creek Q B
Hatter Hill WA B
Haughton Vale Q B
Haughton Valley Q B
Havilah Q B
Hawkins Creek (Ingham) Q B
Haydon Q X
Hayfield NT X
Hayman Q B
Hazeleigh Q B
Hazelmere (Aramac) Q B
Hazelmere (Normanton) Q X
Headingly Q A
Headingly Station Q A
Heard Island - X
Hearson Cove WA A
Heathfield NSW B
Hector Q B
Heemskirk TAS B
Heidelburgh Q B
Helen Springs NT X
Helen Vale Q X
Helens Hill Q B
Hematite Q A
Henbury NT A
Henley Park Q B
Henty TAS B
Herbert Downs Q X
Herbert Vale Q X
Herberton Q B
Hercules (Weld Range) WA Y
Hermannsburg NT A
Hermit Park Q B
Hermitage (Paroo) Q B
Hervey Range Q B
Hesso SA B
Hewart Downs NSW Y
Hewitt Q B
Heywood Island WA X
Hichinbrook Island Q B
Hidden Valley Q B
Hidden Valley NT X
Higginsville WA B
Highbury Q X
Highlands Q B
Hill Crest Q B
Hill Springs WA A
Hill View WA Y
Hillaba SA Y
Hillalong Q B
Hillside (Marble Bar) - Outstation WA A
Hillside (Nannine) WA Y
Hilltop (Richmond) Q Y
Hillview Park Q B
Hilton Q A
Hodel Q B
Hodgson Downs NT A
Hodgson River NT X
Hoganthulla Downs Q B
Holloway Beach Q B
Holowilena SA B
Home Hill Q B
Home Valley WA X
Homebush (Aramac) Q B
Homestead Q B
Homevale Q B
Hooker Creek / Lajamanu NT X
Hooley WA A
Hopetoun WA B
Horn Island Q X
Horrocks WA B
Horse Lake NSW B
Horseshoe WA X
Horseshoe Bay Q B
Horshoe Bend NT X
Hospital Rocks WA B
How Mar WA A
Howard Springs NT A
Howatharra WA B
Howick Group Q X
Howick Hill WA B
Huckita NT X
Hughenden Q Y
Hughes SA Y
Hughes (Trans-line SA) WA Y
Hulton Q B
Humbert River NT X
Humeburn Q B
Humpty Doo NT A
Hungerford Q B
Hutt WA B
Hy Brazil WA Y
Hydro Q B
Ida Hill WA B
Ida Valley WA B
Idalia (Blackall) Q B
Idalia (Croydon) Q X
Idracowa NT X
Iffley Q X
Ilbilbie - Railway Station & Post Office Q B
Ilbunga SA Y
Ilfracombe Q B
Illalong Q B
Illawarra WA B
Illbulknarinja NT A
Illintjitja SA Y
Illkaralima NT A
Illpilli NT X
Iltur SA Y
Imangara NT X
Imanpa NT X
Immarna SA Y
Inarki SA Y
Indarra WA B
Indee WA A
Indianna NT X
Indina Q A
Indooroopilly SA Y
Indulkana SA Y
Ingham Q B
Ingle Downs Q B
Ingledoon Q X
Inglewood (Murweh) Q B
Inglewood (Yarraquin) WA Y
Ingomar SA Y
Ininti NT X

Inkerman NSW B
Inkerman (Cape York) Q X
Inkerman (Home Hill) Q B
Innamincka SA Y
Innesowen NSW B
Inneston Q B
Innisfail Q B
Innisfail NSW B
Innot Hot Springs Q B
Innouendy WA X
Intjeraga NT A
Inverleigh Q X
Inveroona (Bowen) Q B
Inyarinyi SA Y
Iona WA Y
Ipolera NT A
Irkini NT X
Iron Range Q X
Ironhurst Q X
Irrappatana SA Y
Irrida Hill WA X
Irrultja NT X
Irrunytju WA Y
Irvinebank Q B
Isabella Range WA X
Isdell River (Landridge) WA X
Isis Downs Q B
Isisford Q B
Isle Woodah NT X
Israelite Bay WA B
Isseka WA B
Itjinpiri SA Y
Ivanhoe WA X
Ivanhoe Downs Q B
Ivanhoe Station WA X
Ivy Leaf Q B
Iwantja SA Y
Iwuputaka NT A
Iyah Q B
Jabiru NT X
Jackie Junction WA X
Jackson Oil Field (Qld) SA Y
Jackson Oil Field (Qld) NT Y
Jackson Oil Fields Q Y
Jaffa Q B
Jaggan Q B
Jameson Range WA X
Jamindie (Bryah) WA X
Jansen Q A
Japponvale Q B
Jaraga Q B
Jardine Valley Q B
Jarlemai (Udialla) WA A
Jarvisfield Q B
Jaurdi WA B
Jaurdie Hill WA B
Jedburgh Q B
Jee damya WA B
Jenholm (Wogarno) WA Y
Jerdacuttup WA B
Jervois NT X
Jessievale Q A
Jethro Q B
Jib Jib Hill WA B
Jibberding WA B
Jiggalong Mission WA A
Jilbadgie Rocks WA B
Jimba Jimba WA A
Jimberlana WA B
Jingemarra WA B
Jingili NT A
Jinka NT X
Jogo Q B
John Eyre WA Y
Johns SA Y
Johnson Rocks WA B
Jomara NSW B
Jones Range WA X
Jubilee Downs WA X
Judal (Mt Hale) WA Y
Julatten Q B
Julia Creek Q X
Jumbuck SA Y
Jumbulyer WA Y
Juna Downs WA A
Jundah Q B
Jundee (Milrose) WA Y
Jungara Q B
Jupiter Well WA X
Jurumma Mission WA X
Jwantja SA Y
Kaampa Q A
Kaarnka WA Y
Kaban Q B
Kahmoolunga Q B
Kairi Q B
Kajabbi Q A
Kakoringi NT X
Kalala NT X
Kalamia Q B
Kalamurina SA Y
Kalannie WA B
Kalbarri WA B
Kalboona Q Y
Kalgoorlie WA B
Kalka SA Y
Kalkah Q X
Kalkaroo SA B
Kallara NSW B
Kalli WA Y
Kallista TAS B
Kalmeta Q A
Kaltukatjara NT X
Kalumburu Mission WA X
Kalunga Q B
Kaluwiri WA Y
Kalyeeda (Luluigui) WA X
Kamaran Downs Q X
Kamarga Q X
Kambalda WA B
Kambul Q B
Kamilori Q X
Kamma Q B
Kamo Q B
Kampurarr Pirti WA Y
Kanalba Q B
Kanandah WA Y
Kangan WA A
Kangaroo Hills Q B
Kangiangi (Millstream) WA A
Kanowana SA Y
- Town WA B
- Homestead WA B
Kanypi SA Y
Kaporiltja NT A
Karalee Rock WA B
Karalundi Mission WA Y
Karama NT A
Karara WA B
Karbar WA Y
Karlayapirti WA Y
Karonie WA B
Karoola NSW B
Karoon Q B
Karpa-Kora NSW B
Karratha WA A
Karremal Q B
Karrku WA X
Karruwaratja WA X
Karto Q B
Karukali NT X
Karumba Q X
Karunjie Bluff (Pentecost) WA X
Kata Arla WA Y
Katatjuta NT X
Katherine NT A
Kathleen (Wanjarrie) WA Y
Kathleen Valley WA Y
Katjikatjitiara SA Y
Katjikuta SA Y
Katoora Q B
Keane WA B
Keebah Q B
Keeroongooloo Q Y
Kellandi WA B
Kelsey Creek Q B
Kemmis Q B
Kenmore Park SA Y
Kennedy Q B
Kennedy Gap WA A
Kennedy Range WA A
Kensingdon Downs Q B
Keokannie Rock WA B
Kergunyah NSW B
Kerrigundi NSW B
Kevin SA Y
Kidman Springs NT X
Kidson Bluff WA X
Kidston Q X
Kihee Q Y
Kiingoonya SA Y
Kildurk NT X
Killalpaninna Mission Station SA Y
Killamey NT X
Killara (Munarra) WA Y
Killarney Station NT X
Killymoon Q B
Kilto WA A
Kilyuga (Warburton Range Mission) WA Y
Kimba Q X
Kimberley NSW B
Kimberley Downs WA X
Kimberley Research Station WA X
Kimbolton WA A
Kimbolton Range WA A
Kimburra Q B
Kimileroi Q X
Kinalung NSW B
Kinduro Q B
Kingisland TAS B
King Junction Q X
King Peaks WA A
King River WA X
King's Canyon NT X
Kingle Q X
Kingoonya SA Y
Kingsborough Q B
Kinrara Q B
Kintore WA B
Kintore NT X
Kirgella Rocks WA B
Kirkalocka WA Y
Kitchener WA Y
Kiwirrkurra WA X
Knoll SA Y
Koah Q B
Koberinga Q B
Kokatha SA Y
Kondoolka SA Y
Kongula Q A
Konupa Q B
Kookuna Q B
Kookynie WA B
Koolachu Q B
Koolamarra Q A
Koolan Island WA X
Koolatah Q X
Kooline WA A
Koolyanobbing WA B
Koolymilka SA B
Koombooloomba Q B
Koomoloo SA B
Koonalda SA Y
Koonamore SA B
Koongie Park WA X
Koonjarra WA Y
Koonkobing Hill WA B
Koonmarra (Mt Hale) WA Y
Koorboora Q A
Koorda WA B
Koordarrie WA X
Kooroora Q A
Kopi Q B
Korong WA B
Koumala Q B
Kowanyama Q X
Kowari Q B
Kowulka SA Y
Koyule TAS B
Kubill Q B
Kudgee NSW B
Kudriemitchie SA Y
Kulal WA Y
Kulaling NT X
Kulara Q B
Kulburn Q B
Kulgera NT X
Kulja WA B
Kulki Q Y
Kulpitarra NT A
Kultanaby SA Y
Kumarina WA A
Kumarl WA B
Kumberta SA Y
Kumpul WA X
Kunamata SA Y
Kunanalling WA B
Kunapula NT X
Kunatjarra WA Y
Kunckayonti NT X
Kundip WA B
Kundora Q A
Kungurri Q B
Kunia SA Y
Kunmarnara Bore WA Y
Kunmunya Hill WA X
Kununurra WA X
Kunytjanu SA Y
Kuranda Q B
Kurayurltu WA X
Kureen Q B
Kuri Bay WA X
Kuridala Q A
Kurkatingara NT X
Kurkutjara NT X
Kurlkurta WA X
Kurnalpi WA B
Kurrajong WA B
Kurrajong NT X
Kurrajong (Murweh) Q B
Kurrajong (Paroo) Q B
Kurrawang Mission WA B
Kurrimine Beach Q B
Kurrkarturtu WA X
Kurukan Q B
Kurundi NT X
Kutjurntari WA Y
Kuttabul Q B
Kuykura WA B
Kwinana Mission WA X
Kyabra Q Y
Kyarra (Taincrow) WA Y
Kyburra Q B
Kychering SA B
Kynuna Q X
Kyong Q B
La Grange WA A
La Grange Bay WA A
Labelle Downs (Stapleton Downs) NT X
Labradunta NT A
Lacapede WA A
Lady Barron TAS B
Lajamanu/Hooker Creek NT X
Lake Arthur SA Y
Lake Austin WA Y
Lake Barlee WA Y
Lake Barrine Q B
Lake Blanche SA Y
Lake Brown WA B
Lake Callabonna SA Y
Lake Camm WA B
Lake Cooninnie SA Y
Lake Darlot WA Y
Lake Dunn Q B
Lake Elamunbanie SA Y
Lake Euella NT X
Lake Everard SA Y
Lake Frome SA B
Lake Goyder SA Y
Lake Gregory WA X
Lake Gregory SA Y
Lake Harry SA Y
Lake Hope SA Y
Lake Kirk WA B
Lake Macleod WA A
Lake Margaret TAS B
Lake Mason WA Y
Lake Nash NT X
Lake Nerramyne WA B
Lake Pure Q Y
Lake Rebecca WA B
Lake Stclair TAS B
Lake Torrens SA B
Lake Violet WA Y
Lake Way WA Y
Lake Wells WA Y
Lake Williams SA Y
Lakefield Q X
Lakeside WA Y
Lakewood WA B
Lalla Rookh WA A
Lambina SA Y
Lamboo WA X
Lamond Q B
Lana Q B
Lancelot Q B
Lancevale Q B
Landor WA X
Landridge WA X
Langdon (Mackay) Q B
Langidoon NSW B
Langlo Crossing Q B
Lannercost Extension Q B
Lansdowne Q B
Lansdowne WA X
Lapaku WA X
Lappa Q A
Laramba NT A
Larkinville WA B
Larrakeyah NT A
Larrara WA X
Larrimah NT A
Laudee Q B
Laura Q X
Laurel Downs (Quanbun Downs) WA X
Lava Plains Q B
Laverton WA Y
Laverton Downs (Mt Windarra) WA Y
Lawlers WA Y
Lawn Hill Q X
Leafgold Q B
Leander NSW B
Leanyer NT A
Learmonth WA X
Legendre Island WA A
Legune NT X
Leichhardt Farms Q B
Leigh Creek SA Y
Leinster WA Y
Leinster Downs WA Y
Lemonside Q B
Lenton Downs Q B
Leonora WA B
Leopold Downs WA X
Lerida Q B
Lerida NSW B
Letherbrook Q B
Lettsbay TAS B
Liena TAS B
Lightning Ridge NSW B
Lilla Creek NT A
Lilleyvale Q Y
Liltjira NT A
Lilydale SA B
Lilypond Q B
Limbunya NT X
Limestone Hill WA A
Linda TAS B
Lindeman Group Q B
Linden WA B
Linkletters Place WA B
Linton Bore WA Y
Lissadell WA X
Lissington NSW B
Listowel Downs Q B

Litchfield NT A
Little Mulgrave Q B
Little Topar NSW B
Liveringa WA X
Lizard Island Q X
Llaldurma NT A
Llanrheidol Q Y
Lochaber WA Y
Lochada WA B
Locherbie Q X
Lochiel Q Y
Lochinvar Q B
Lochnagar (Barcaldine) Q B
Lochnagar (Cape York) Q X
Lockhart River Q X
Loddon Q B
Log Hut (Wyloo) WA A
Loloma Q B
Lolworth Q B
Lombadina Mission WA A
Londford Q B
Londonderry WA B
Long Island (Proserpine) Q B
Longpocket Q B
Longara Q A
Longford Creek Q B
Longreach Q B
Longton Q B
Looma WA X
Loongana WA Y
Lord Howe Island NSW X
Lorinna TAS B
Lorna Glen WA Y
Lorraine Q X
Lorrett Downs Q X
Lort River WA B
Lotus Vale Q X
Louisa Downs WA X
Louisiana Q X
Louriana WA B
Louth NSW B
Love's Creek NT A
Lowana TAS B
Lowendal Island WA X
Lower Tully Q B
Ltira NT A
Ltjinta Porta NT X
Lucinda Q B
Lucknow Q X
Lucky Downs Q B
Lucy Creek NT X
Lucy Creek Q B
Ludgate Hill Q B
Ludmilla NT A
Luina TAS B
Luluigui WA A
Lumburra Q B
Lupul WA X
Lurnea (Charleville) Q B
Lynchford TAS B
Lyndbrook Q A
Lyndhurst SA Y
Lyndhurst (Etheridge) Q X
Lyndon WA A
Lynton WA B
Lynwood Q Y
Lyons SA Y
Lyons River (Bidgemia) WA A
Maadi Q B
Maatsuyker Island TAS B
Mabel Creek SA Y
Mabel Downs WA X
Macaroni Q X
Macdesme Q B
Machans Beach Q B
Mackay Q B
Macknade Q B
Mackunda Downs Q Y
Macquarie Heads TAS B
Macquarie Island - X
Macrossan Q B
Macroy WA A
Macumba SA Y
Madoonga WA Y
Madoonia Downs WA B
Madura WA Y
Mafeking Q B
Maggieville Q X
Magnet TAS B
Magnetic Island Q B
Magowra Q X
Mahanewo SA B
Maida Vale Q B
Mainbenup Lake WA B
Mainland WA Y
Mainoru NT A
Maitland Downs Q A
Makiri SA Y
Makurapiti SA Y
Malagarga Q Y
Malak NT A
Malanda Q B
Malara SA Y
Malbana TAS B
Malbon Q A
Malbon Vale Q A
Malbooma SA Y
Malboona Q B
Malcolm WA B
Mallabie SA Y
Mallapunyah NT X
Mallee WA B
Mallina WA A
Malta Q B
Malvern Hills Q B
Malverton Q B
Manberry WA A
Manbulloo NT A
Mandalay NSW Y
Mandalee Q B
Mandama WA B
Mandiga WA B
Mandilla (Waterdale) WA B
Mandora WA A
Maneroo Q B
Manfred NSW B
Manfred (Boolardy) WA Y
Mangalore Q B
Mangaroon WA A
Manguel Creek WA A
Manguri SA Y
Maningrida NT X
Mannahill SA B
Manners Creek NT X
Mannerswell SA Y
Manoa Q B
Mantaka Q B
Mantamaru WA X
Manton Q B
Manuka (Winton) Q Y
Manunda SA B
Manuwalkaninna SA Y
Manyirkanga SA Y
Mapalo Q B
Mapee Q B
Mapoon Q X
Maraju Q B
Marali Q B
Maralinga SA Y
Maranalgo WA B
Maranboy NT A
Marathon Q Y
Marblebar WA A
Marchinbar Island NT X
Mardabilla Rock WA B
Mardathuna WA A
Mardie WA A
Mareeba Q B
Maretisland WA X
Margaret Downs (Go Go) WA X
Margaret River (Kimberleys) WA X
Maria Island NT X
Marian Q B
Marillana WA A
Marimo Q A
Marina Plains Q X
Marindo WA B
Marion Downs Q X
Marion Downs WA X
Marla SA Y
Marlborough TAS B
Maroo Q Y
Marooka Q B
Maroonah WA A
Marqua NT X
Marra NSW B
Marraba Q A
Marree SA Y
Marrilla WA A
Marron WA A
Marryat SA Y
Marshall Rock WA B
Marton Q X
Marton Plains NSW B
Martynvale Q B
Marvel Loch WA B
Marwood Q B
Mary Kathleen Q A
Maryvale NT A
Maryvale (Murweh) Q B
Maryvale Springs Q B
Mataranka NT A
Mavis Downs Q B
Mawarra NSW B
Maxwelton Q X
Maydon WA B
Maynard Hills WA Y
Mayne Downs Q Y
Mayne Hotel Q Y
Mayneside Q B
Maytown Q A
Mbunghara NT A
McCallum Park NSW Y
McDonald Downs NT X
McDonald Islands - X
McDonalds Hill SA B
McDonnell's Creek Q B
McDouall Peak SA Y
McGuire Gap WA X
McKinlay Q A
McLarens Creek NT X
Meadow WA B
Meadow Bank Q B
Meadow Plains NSW B
Meda WA A
Meeba Downs Q Y
Meeberrie WA B
Meedo WA A
Meeindunya (Warburton Range Mission) WA Y
Meeka Pool (Norie) WA Y
Meekatharra WA Y
Meeline WA Y
Meentheena (Mt Edgar) WA A
Meeragoolia WA A
Meerawa Q B
Mein Q X
Meka WA Y
Mekaree Q B
Melangata WA B
Melita WA B
Mellenbye WA B
Mellish (Mt Isa) Q X
Melrose WA Y
Melville Island NT X
Mena Creek Q B
Mena Murtee NSW B
Menang WA B
Menangina WA B
Menangina South WA B
Mendleyarri WA B
Menindee NSW B
Mentor SA Y
Menzies WA B
Merapah Q X
Mereenie NT X
Merigol Q B
Merina Downs Q B
Merinda Q B
Merlinleigh (Moogooree) WA A
Merluna Q X
Merna Mora SA B
Merolia WA B
Merragallan Q B
Merroe WA Y
Mertondale WA B
Mervyndale Q B
Meta Vale Q B
Metford Q B
Mia Mia Q B
Mia Mia WA A
Miallo Q B
Mica Hill WA X
Middalya WA A
Middle Camp NSW B
Middle Island WA B
Middle Park Q X
Middlebrook Q B
Middleton Q Y
Middleton Ponds NT A
Midgenoo Q B
Midgeton Q B
Miena TAS B
Mikoolu Q B
Mileura WA Y
Milgarra Q X
Milgun WA A
Milikapiti NT X
Milingimbi NT X
Millaa Millaa Q B
Millajiddee (Noonkanbah) WA A
Millapumyah NT X
Millaroo Q B
Millbillillie WA Y
Millchester Q B
Millers Creek SA Y
Millies Walk Q B
Milliewindie WA A
Millner NT A
Millrose WA Y
Millstream WA A
Millungera Q X
Millwood (Murweh) Q B
Milly Milly
- Homestead WA Y
- Outstation X X
- Homestead WA Y
- Outstation WA X
Milo Q B
Milparinka NSW Y
Milton Park NT A
Mimli Aboriginal Community SA Y
Minara WA B
Minbun Q B
Minburra SA B
Minderoo WA A
Minehan Q B
Mingah Springs (Bryah) WA X
Mingary SA Y
Mingela Q B
Minilya WA A
Mininer WA A
Minjilang NT X
Minnie Creek WA A
Minnie Downs Q B
Mintabie SA Y
Mintubi SA Y
Miowera Q B
Miranda SA Y
Miranda Downs Q X
Mirani Q B
Miriwinni Q B
Mirrabooka Q B
Mirrigan Q B
Mirrngadja Village NT X
Mirtna Q B
Mirturtu WA X
Mission Beach Q B
Mistake Creek NT X
Mistake Creek (Ord River) WA X
Mitakutjurri NT X
Mitchell Mission Q X
Mitchell Plateau WA X
Mitchell River Q X
Mitchell River (Admiralty Gulf) WA X
Mitika WA X
Mittagong Q X
Mittiebah NT X
Moama NSW B
Moble Q Y
Mocatoona Mine SA Y
Mogil Mogil NSW B
Moil NT A
Mollerin WA B
Molloy Q B
Momba NSW Y
Monitor Flats WA Y
Monkira Q X
Monolon NSW Y
Monte Bello Island WA X
Montecollina SA Y
Montejinni NT X
Montesquieu Island WA X
Montgomery Island WA X
Mooculta NSW B
Moogooree (Station) WA A
Mooka WA A
Mookarra Q B
Moola Bulla WA X
Moolawatana SA Y
Mooloo Downs WA A
Mooloogool - Homestead WA Y
Moolooloo SA B
Moomba SA Y
Moombidary Q Y
Moomin Q B
Moona Vale NSW B
Moonara NSW B
Moonaree SA Y
Moondon WA B
Moonera WA Y
Moongobulla Q B
Moongulla NSW B
Mooning Q Y
Moonlight Valley WA X
Moopina (Eucla) WA Y
Mooraberree Q X
Moorak Q B
Moorara NSW B
Moorarie WA X
Moorine Rock WA B
Mooroongga Island NT X
Mootwingee NSW B
Mopo Q B
Moralana SA B
Morapoi WA B
Morden NSW B
Moregatta Q B
Morella Q B
Moresby Q B
Moreton Q X
Morgan Vale SA B
Morley's Find WA B
Mornington Q X
Mornington WA X
Mornington Island Q X
Morrena Q B
Morris Gap NT X
Morrison SA Y
Morston Q A
Moruga Q B
Morven Q B
Moselle Q Y
Moselle Downs Q X
Mosquito Hills WA X
Mossman Q B
Motpena SA B
Mount Aberdeen Q B
Mount Allan NT X
Mount Amherst (Moola Bulla) WA X
Mount Anderson WA A
Mount Angelo WA X
Mount Augustus WA A
Mount Barkly NT X
Mount Barnett WA X
Mount Barry SA Y
Mount Belches WA B
Mount Brockman WA A

Mount Bruce (Juna Downs) WA A
Mount Buckley Q B
Mount Burges WA B
Mount Carbine Q B
Mount Carnage WA B
Mount Castor Q B
Mount Cavanagh NT X
Mount Cecelia WA X
Mount Celia WA B
Mount Chanaar WA A
Mount Charlton Q B
Mount Christian Q B
Mount Clarence SA Y
Mount Clere WA X
Mount Clifford WA Y
Mount Convenient Q B
Mount Cooke WA A
Mount Coolon Q B
Mount Crawford (Mt Weld) WA Y
Mount Curious WA B
Mount Cuthbert Q A
Mount Dalgety WA A
Mount Dalrymple Q B
Mount Dangar Q B
Mount Dare SA Y
Mount Denison NT X
Mount Dore (Cloncurry) Q X
Mount Dutton SA Y
Mount Eba SA Y
Mount Ebenezer NT X
Mount Edgar WA A
Mount Edward WA B
Mount Egerton WA A
Mount Elizabeth WA X
Mount Elsie Q B
Mount Elvire WA B
Mount Emu Plains Q B
Mount Erin WA B
Mount Etna Q B
Mount Farmer (Blen) WA Y
Mount Fisher (Wiluna) WA Y
Mount Fitton SA Y
Mount Florance WA A
Mount Florence WA Y
Mount Ford WA Y
Mount Fox Q B
Mount Frank (Louisa Downs) WA X
Mount Frank (Mt Hart) WA X
Mount Frank (Walagunya) WA A
Mount Fraser (Narracoota) WA X
Mount Fraser (Sherlock) WA A
Mount Freeling SA Y
Mount Garnet Q B
Mount Gascoyne (Dalgety Downs) WA X
Mount Gason SA B
Mount George (Hamersley Range National Park) WA A
Mount George (Bryah) WA A
Mount Gibson WA B
Mount Gibson Mine Sites WA Y
Mount Gibbs NSW B
Mount Goldsworthy WA A
Mount Gould WA X
Mount Hadfield (Braemore) WA B
Mount Hale (Judal) WA Y
Mount Hampton WA B
Mount Hann WA X
Mount Hart WA X
Mount Holland WA B
Mount House WA X
Mount Howitt Q Y
Mount Humbert WA X
Mount Ida WA B
Mount Irwin SA Y
Mount Isa Q A
Mount Ive SA B
Mount Jackson WA B
Mount James - Homestead WA X
Mount Jewell WA B
Mount Jowlaenga WA A
Mount Jukes Q B
Mount Keith WA Y
Mount Laptz (Lansdowne) WA X
Mount Leonard (Diamantina) Q X
Mount Lookout Q B
Mount Lyndhurst SA Y
Mount Magnet WA Y
Mount Magnet (Wattle Creek) WA Y
Mount Malcolm WA B
Mount Manara NSW B
Mount Margaret Q Y
Mount Margaret WA Y
Mount Margaret Mission WA Y
Mount Maria Q B
Mount Marion WA Y
Mount Marlow Q B
Mount Marmion WA B
Mount Marshall WA B
Mount Martin Q B
Mount Martin WA Y
Mount Mcconnell Q B
Mount Meharry WA A
Mount Minnie WA A
Mount Monger WA B
Mount Moolooloo SA B
Mount Morgan WA B
Mount Morgans WA B
Mount Morris Q B
Mount Mulgrave Q X
Mount Mulligan Q A
Mount Mulyah NSW Y
Mount Murchison NSW B
Mount Narryer WA Y
Mount Newman WA A
Mount Nicholson WA A
Mount Norman Q X
Mount Ossa Q B
Mount Oxide Q A
Mount Padbury WA X
Mount Palmer WA B
Mount Pelion Q B
Mount Peter Q B
Mount Phillip WA A
Mount Pleasant Q B
Mount Pleasant (Three Rivers) WA A
Mount Pleasant (Black Flag) WA B
Mount Puckford WA X
Mount Rankin WA B
Mount Ravenswood Q B
Mount Regal WA A
Mount Remarkable WA Y
Mount Riddock NT A
Mount Ringwood NT A
Mount Sandiman WA A
Mount Sanford NT X
Mount Sarah SA Y
Mount Satirist WA A
Mount Seabrook WA A
Mount Serle SA Y
Mount Sir Samuel WA Y
Mount Sophia Q B
Mount Spec Q B
Mount Spinifex (Spinifex Hill) WA A
Mount Squire NT A
Mount Stuart (Nanutarra) WA A
Mount Sturgeon Q Y
Mount Surprise Q A
Mount Swan NT X
Mount Thirsty (Thirsty Hill) WA B
Mount Tom Price WA A
Mount Turner Q X
Mount Vernon WA A
Mount Vetters WA B
Mount Victor SA B
Mount View WA B
Mount Vivian SA Y
Mount Walton WA B
Mount Wedge NT A
Mount Welcome WA A
Mount Weld WA B
Mount Willoughby SA Y
Mount Windarra (Laverton Downs) WA Y
Mount Wittenoom WA Y
Mount Wood NSW B
Mount Woowoolahra NSW B
Mountain Valley NT A
Mourilyan (Innisfail) Q B
Mouroubra WA B
Mowanjum WA A
Mowanjum Mission WA A
Mowbray River Q B
Mowla Bluff (Ardjorie) WA A
Mowling SA B
Mowo Q B
Moyagee WA Y
Muccan WA A
Muckanippie SA Y
Mackaty NT X
Mudginberri NT X
Muggon (Mallalong) WA Y
Muiron Island WA A
Mukinbudin WA B
Mulei Q B
Mulga Downs WA A
Mulga Park NT X
Mulga View SA Y
Mulgabbie Hill WA B
Mulgaria SA Y
Mulgarrie WA B
Mulgathing SA Y
Mulgul WA A
Mulka SA Y
Mullewa WA B
Mulligans SA B
Mulline WA B
Muloorina SA Y
Muloowirtina SA Y
Multijula NT X
Mulwarrie WA B
Mulyie (Ettrick) WA A
Mulyungarie SA B
Mumu Q Y
Munarra WA Y
Munbinia WA Y
Munbura Q B
Munburra Q X
Muncoonie Q X
Mundabullangana WA A
Mundic Creek Q B
Mundi Mundi NSW B
Mundingburra Q B
Mundiwindi WA A
Mundoo Q B
Mundowdna SA Y
Mundrabilla WA Y
Munduran Station Q Y
Mungala SA Y
Mungana Q A
Mungari WA B
Mungeranie SA Y
Mungliginup Hill WA B
Munglinup WA B
Mungumburra Q B
Munjeroo (Dandaraga) WA Y
Munkayarra WA A
Munthy (Boolardy) WA Y
Muralgarra WA B
Murchison Downs WA Y
Murchison House WA B
Murchison River WA B
Murgenella NT X
Murgoo WA B
Murlirrtjarra WA Y
Murlurru WA X
Murnong WA B
Murnpeowie SA Y
Murramurra Q B
Murrabit Q B
Murramunda (Jiggalong Mission) WA A
Murravale Q B
Murray Downs NT X
Murray Upper Q B
Murrigal Q B
Murrin Murrin WA B
Murrum WA Y
Murruntjarra WA X
Murweh Q B
Musgrave Q X
Muta Muta Well SA Y
Mutarnee Q B
Mutchilba Q B
Mutooroo SA B
Mutooroo West Mine SA B
Muttaburra Q B
Muyinnga WA X
Myamin WA B
Myendetta Q B
Mylrea Downs Q X
Myola (Cairns) Q X
Myroodah WA A
Myrtle Springs SA Y
Nabarlek NT X
Nabawa WA B
Nabberu (Neds Creek) WA A
Nabilla Q B
Naccowlah Q Y
Nakara NT A
Nalarine Rock WA B
Nalbarra WA Y
Nalgia (Anna Plains) WA A
Nallan WA Y
Nambi WA Y
Nammon Q Y
Namoi Q B
Nanambinia WA B
Nanambinia Rock WA B
Nannine WA Y
Nanson WA B
Nantilla NSW B
Nanutarra WA X
Nanyima Q B
Napier Downs WA X
Nappa Merrie Q Y
Napperby NT A
Naraku Q A
Naraling WA B
Nardoo (Cunnamulla) Q B
Nardoo Station Q X
Naretha WA Y
Narkal WA B
Narla WA B
Narloo WA B
Narndee WA Y
Narra Tarra WA B
Narracoota (Mt Fraser) WA X
Narrina SA Y
Narwietooma NT A
Naryilco Q Y
Natal Downs Q B
Nebine Q B
Nebo Q B
Neds Creek WA A
Needlewood Q B
Nelia Q X
Neliagaari NSW B
Nelly Bay Q B
Nepabunna Mission SA Y
Nerada Q B
Neridup Swamp WA B
Nerren Nerren WA B
Nerrima (Luluigui) WA X
Netherdale Q B
Neumayer Valley Q X
Neutral Junction NT X
Never Fail Q B
Nevoria WA B
New Angledool NSW B
New Bamboo Q X
New Crown NT X
New Forrest WA B
New Haven NT X
New Kalamurina SA Y
New Springs WA X
Newark Q B
Newbury Junction Q B
Newcarlbeon WA B
Newcastle Waters NT X
Newell Q B
Newlands Q B
Newman WA A
Newry NT X
Ngakwalima NT X
Ngarngurr NT X
Ngarutjarra SA Y
Ngaturn WA X
Ngaturntjarra WA Y
Nguiu NT X
Ngukurr NT X
Ngwalalanima NT X
Nhulunbuy (Gove) NT X
Niagara WA B
Nicholson WA X
Nickol River WA A
Nightcliff NT A
Nightjar Q B
Nightshade WA Y
Nillinghoo SA B
Nilpena SA B
Nilpinna SA Y
Nimaru Q B
Nimboy Q B
Nimingarra (Muccan) WA A
Nindaroo Q B
Nine Mile (Mowanjum Mission) WA A
Ningaling Q B
Ningaloo - Homestead WA X
Ningbing (Carlton Hill) WA X
Ninghan WA B
Nirripi NT X
Nita Downs WA A
Nive Downs Q B
Nive River TAS B
Nobby's (Mowanjum Mission) WA A
Noccundra Q Y
Nockatunga Q Y
Nocoleche NSW B
Noella Q B
Nolan Creek Q A
Nombardie Q B
Nome Q B
Nonda Q X
Nonga Hill WA B
Nonning SA B
Nookawarra WA Y
Noonamah NT A
Noondie (Meka) WA Y
Noondoonia WA B
Noongal WA Y
Noongar WA B
Noongar South WA B
Noonkanbah WA X
Noonkanbah (Warrimbah) WA X
Nooraloo Q B
Noorlah Q B
Nooyeah Downs Q Y
Noradidgee NT X
Norah Park Q B
Noreena Downs WA A
Norfolk Q A
Norfolk Island - X
Norie (Meeka Pool) WA Y
Normanby (Cooktown Line) Q X
Normanton Q X
Norseman WA B
North Bourke NSW B
North Broken Hill NSW B
North East Isles NT X
North Ironcap WA B
North Island NT X
North Moolooloo SA Y
North Mukinbudin WA B
North Mulga SA Y
North Well SA Y
North West Cape WA X
Northampton WA B
Northampton Downs Q B
Nottingham Downs Q Y
Nowranie Q A
Ntaria NT A
Nturiya NT A
Nuendah WA Y
Nuken Q Y
Nullagine WA A

Nullarbor SA Y
Nullawa NSW B
Numbulwar NT X
Numil Downs Q X
Nundoka NSW B
Nundora NSW B
Nundroo SA Y
Nunkumbril Q B
Nunngarra WA Y
Nunyerry Creek WA A
Nunyerry Gap WA A
Nunyong (De Grey) WA A
Nurina WA Y
Nutwood Downs NT X
Nyang WA A
Nyapari SA Y
Nychum Q A
Nyikukura SA Y
Nyleta Q B
Nymbool Q B
Nyounda Hill WA Y
O'Connel River Q B
Oak Forest Q B
Oak Park Q X
Oak Vale NSW Y
Oakabella WA B
Oakagee WA B
Oakbank Station SA B
Oakdale (Mackay) Q B
Oakden Hills SA B
Oakenden Q B
Oakham Q Y
Oakland Park (Normanton) Q X
Oakvale Q B
Oakvale SA B
Oakwood (Charleville) Q B
Oamaru Q X
Oatann Q A
Oban Q A
Oceana TAS B
Oenpelli NT X
Offham Q B
Officer Creek SA Y
Ogilvie WA B
Okuloo Q B
Olary SA B
Old Angepena SA Y
Old Cherrabun WA X
Old Kyra Q Y
Old Lamboo WA X
Old Moolawatana SA Y
Old Nankabunya SA Y
Old Napier Downs WA X
Old Parakyla SA Y
Old Silver Plains Q A
Old Station NT A
Oldfield River WA B
Olio Q B
Olympic Dam (Mine Town Site) SA Y
Omalley SA Y
Ombagunda SA Y
One Arm Point WA X
One Tree SA Y
Onepah NSW Y
Onslow WA X
Oobagooma WA X
Oodnadatta SA Y
Ooldea SA Y
Oona Q A
Oondooroo Q B
Oonooie Q B
Oonoonba Q B
Oontoo (Kynuna) Q X
Ooralea Q B
Ooraminna NT A
Ooratippra NT X
Oorindi Q A
Opah Q A
Opalton Q B
Opalville Q B
Ophir Q Y
Opthalmia WA A
Orabanda WA B
Oraparinna SA B
Ord Q A
Ord Ranges WA X
Ord River WA X
Orient Q Y
Orientos Q Y
Orkadilla Q B
Orleans (Farm) WA B
Osborne Q B
Oscar Range WA X
Osmond Valley WA X
Otterburn Q B
Ouchy Q X
Oudabunna WA Y
Ouida Downs Q B
Oulnina SA B
Outalpa SA B
Owen's Creek Q B
Oxford Downs Q B
Packers Camp Q B
Paget Q B
Pago Mission (Drysdale River) WA X
Pakula Q B
Pallarenda Q B
Palm Isles Group Q Y
Palma Q B
Palmer Valley NT A
Palmerston Q B
Palmerston NT A
Palmerville Q X
Palms Q B
Palparara Q Y
Paluma Q B
Palunna Q B
Palytjikarta WA X
Panama Downs Q X
Panaramatee SA B
Pandie Pandie SA Y
Pannawonica WA A
Pantijan WA X
Panton River (Sophie Downs) WA X
Papulankutja WA X
Papunyah NT X
Paraburdoo WA A
Parachilna SA B
Parada Q B
Paradise SA Y
Paradise (Liveringa) WA A
Paralana SA Y
Parap NT A
Parapi Q B
Paratoo SA B
Pardoo WA A
Parkhill WA A
Parker Range WA B
Parkeston WA B
Parkgate Q B
Parragundy Gate NSW B
Paroo WA Y
Parramatta Q B
Parrawee TAS B
Partingtons Siding Q B
Pascarel Q B
Pasco Island WA A
Paw Paw SA Y
Pawngilly Q B
Payne Q B
Paynes Find WA Y
Paynseville WA Y
Peachawarrina Bore SA Y
Peak Downs WA B
Peak Hill WA X
Peake SA Y
Peake Creek SA Y
Pedirka SA Y
Peedamulla WA A
Peeramon Q B
Pelican Island WA A
Penola Downs Q A
Penong SA Y
Pentecost Downs (Karungie) WA X
Pentland Q B
Peppimenarti NT X
Percol Plains Q A
Pergan (Taincrow) WA Y
Perilya WA B
Pernatty SA B
Peron (Peninsula) WA X
Perrinvale WA B
Peterbulla NT A
Petford Q A
Pharlap SA Y
Phillipcreek NT X
Phillips Range (Mt House) WA X
Phillott Q B
Philps Siding Q B
Piarrie Rockhole WA Y
Picnic Bay Q B
Pidgeon Hole (Helen Spring) NT X
Pidinga Tank SA Y
Piemont Q B
Pilakatal NT X
Pilga WA A
Pillinger TAS B
Pimba SA B
Pimbee WA A
Pimpara Lake NSW B
Pinarnti WA X
Pincally NSW B
Pindabunna WA B
Pindar WA B
Pindi Pindi Q B
Pine Creek NT A
Pine Hill WA B
Pine Hill NT A
Pine Point NSW B
Pine Valley SA B
Pinegrove WA B
Pingandy WA A
Pingine Q B
Pinjin WA B
Pinkenetta Q Y
Pinkilla Q Y
Pinnacle (Charleville) Q B
Pinnacles WA Y
Pinpirnga NT X
Pintumba SA Y
Pioneer Q B
Pioneer WA B
Pipalyatjara SA Y
Pippingarra WA A
Piralko Q B
Pirntirr Mularl WA X
Pirraburdu (Turee Creek) WA A
Pirrilyungka WA Y
Pirrulpakalarintja NT X
Pitalu NT X
Piyul WA Y
Piyultjarra WA Y
Plane Creek Q B
Planet Downs Q Y
Plenty River NT A
Plevna Downs (Augathella) Q B
Plevna Downs (Eromanga) Q Y
Pleystowe Q B
Plum Tree Q B
Pmarajutunta NT A
Pocket Well SA Y
Point Cloates WA A
Point Malcolm WA B
Point Moore WA Y
Point Samson WA A
Point Stuart NT A
Poitrel Q B
Pokara Q A
Polelle WA Y
Polhill NT A
Polish Corridon (Hill Springs) WA A
Politic Q B
Polocara NSW B
Polpah NSW Y
Pondana WA Y
Poona Hill WA B
Poonarunna SA Y
Pooncarie NSW B
Poopoonbah Q B
Pootnoura SA Y
Port Davey TAS B
Port Douglas Q B
Port George IV WA X
Port Gregory WA B
Port Hedland WA A
Port Keats NT X
Port Warrender WA X
Portee (Mundabullangana) WA A
Portland Downs Q B
Possamunga Q Y
Potosi Q B
Powell Creek NT X
Powlathanga Q B
Prairie Q B
Prairie Downs WA A
Prairievale Q B
Premier Downs WA Y
Premier Mine SA B
Prenti Downs WA Y
Preston Q B
Prestwood Q X
Prince Of Wales Island Q X
Princess Hill Q B
Princess Royal WA B
Prior's Camp (Yeeda) WA A
Prospect Q X
Prosperpine Q B
Protheroe WA B
Prubi Q B
Prudhoe Island Q B
Pudilliba Q B
Pukatja SA Y
Pukurti WA X
Pularumpi NT X
Pullagaroo WA Y
Pumping Station No.5 WA B
Pumping Station No.7 WA B
Punjaub Q X
Puntitjata NT X
Puntutjarrapa WA X
Purlpurlpungku WA Y
Purnanga NSW Y
Purnawara WA Y
Purono Q B
Purple Downs SA Y
Puta Puta SA Y
Puttapa SA Y
Pututja SA Y
Pymurra Q A
Pyramid Q B
Pyramid WA A
Python Pool WA A
Quambone (Brewarrina) NSW B
Quamby Q A
Quanbun Downs WA X
Quarrell's Q X
Quatia Q B
Quealban Q B
Queen's Road Q B
Queens Beach (Bowen) Q B
Queenstown TAS B
Queerah Q B
Quilberry Q B
Quilpie Q B
Quingilli Q B
Quinyambie SA Y
Quobba WA A
Quoin Island NT X
Quondong NSW B
Quondong Point WA A
Racecourse Lagoon Q X
Racecourse Mill Q B
Railway Estate Q B
Rainbar NSW B
Rainscourt Q X
Ramingining NT X
Ramleh Q B
Randell WA B
Randwick Hill WA B
Range WA A
Rangelands Q B
Rangers Valley Q B
Rapid Creek NT A
Raragala Island NT X
Ravensbath Q B
Ravenscourt (Charleville) Q B
Ravenshoe Q B
Ravensthorpe WA B
Ravenswood Q B
Rawlinna WA Y
Ray Q Y
Raymore Q Y
Red Bluff (Lighthouse) WA A
Red Bluff (Northampton) WA B
Red Cliffe Vale Q B
Red Hill (East Kimberley) WA X
Red Hill (Nebo) Q B
Red Hill (Onslow) WA A
Red Hill Station WA A
Red Knob (Glenorn) WA Y
Red Lake WA B
Red Sandhill NT A
Redlynch Q B
Reedy WA Y
Reedy Springs Q B
Regatta Point TAS B
Reid WA Y
Reid River Q B
Remine TAS B
Remlap WA B
Renison Bell TAS B
Renner Springs NT X
Retreat Q B
Richmond Q X
Richmond Hill (Barcaldine) Q B
Richmond Hill (Charters Towers) Q B
Rimbanda Q B
Rinadina TAS B
Ringwood NT A
Ringwood Park Q A
Riple Creek Q A
Ripon Hills WA X
Rita Island Q B
River View Q B
Riverdale (Richmond) Q A
Riverina WA B
Riversleigh Q X
Robe River WA A
Robertson Range WA A
Robinhood Q X
Robinson Ranges WA X
Rockhampton Downs NT X
Rockhole (Koongie Park) WA X
Rockingham Q B
Rocklands Q A
Rocklea WA A
Rocklea (Barcaldine) Q B
Rockwell WA B
Rockwood (Hughenden) Q B
Rocky Creek Q B
Rocky Point Q B
Rodinga NT A
Rodna NT A
Rodney Downs Q B
Roebourne WA A
Roebuck Plains WA A
Rokeby Q X
Rolling Downs (Richmond) Q A
Rollingstone Q B
Rollo Q B
Romani NSW B
Ronlow Park Q B
Roper Bar NT X
Roper Valley NT A
Roseberth Q X
Rosebery TAS B
Roseburn Q B
Rosedale Q B
Rosella Q B
Rosemary Island WA A
Roseneath (Townsville) Q B
Rosevale (Nebo) Q B
Rosewood WA X
Rosewood NT X
Ross River NT A

Ross River Q B
Rossville Q X
Rothsay WA B
Roxborough Downs Q X
Roxby Downs SA Y
Roxby Downs Station SA Y
Roy Hill WA A
Ruby Plains WA X
Rudall River WA X
Rum Jungle NT A
Rumbalara NT X
Rumula Q B
Rungoo Q B
Rururr WA X
Russleigh Q B
Ruthven Q B
Rutland Plains Q X
Ryandale Q B
Saibai Island - X
Saint (St) Patrick (Island) WA X
Salas Siding Q B
Sale River WA X
Salmon Gums WA B
Salonika NT A
Salt Hole NT A
Saltern Q B
Sammy Dodd SA Y
San Marino SA Y
Sandalwood Bay WA B
Sandalwood Rock WA B
Sanderson NT A
Sandfire Roadhouse WA X
Sandiford Q B
Sandringham Q X
Sandstone WA Y
Sandstone SA Y
Sansue (Bullara) WA X
Santa Teresa NT A
Sarina Q B
Saunders Creek Station WA X
Savage River TAS B
Savannagh Downs Q X
Savannah NT A
Saxby Downs Q X
Scaddan WA B
Scart Water Q B
Scawfell Island Q B
Scotia WA B
Scottville Q B
Scrubview Q B
Seaforth Q B
Sedan Q B
Seemore Downs WA Y
Sellheim Q Y
Selwyn Q A
Septimus Q B
Sesbania Q Y
Seven Emu NT X
Seymour (Innisfail) Q B
Shady Downs Q B
Shandon Downs NT X
Shark Bay WA A
Shark Lake WA B
Shark Point WA X
Shaw River (De Grey) WA A
Shay Gap WA A
Shellborough WA A
Sherlock WA A
Sherwood WA Y
Shinfield Q B
Shiptons Flat Q X
Shoal Point Q B
Siam SA B
Siberia WA B
Silent Grove Q B
Silent Grove WA X
Silkwood Q B
Silky Oak Creek Q B
Silver Bell TAS B
Silver Plains Q X
Silverton NSW B
Singleton NT X
Sir Graham Moore Island WA X
Sir Samuel WA Y
Sisters Well SA Y
Slade Point Q B
Slamannon NSW B
Slatey Creek (Sturt Creek) WA X
Smithfield (Cairns) Q B
Soakage Bore NT X
Soapy Bore NT X
Solanum Q B
Somerset Q X
Sommariva Q B
Sophie Downs WA X
South Broken Hill NSW B
South Galway Q Y
South Gap SA B
South Glen (Paroo) Q B
South Goulburn Island NT X
South Hedland WA A
South Johnstone Q B
South Jouerdine WA B
South Molle Q B
South Queenstown TAS B
Southedge Q B
Southern Cross Q B
Southern Cross WA B
Southern Hills WA B
Southport NT A
Spargoville WA B
Speddingup WA B
Speewah (Dunham River) WA X
Spinifex Hill (Mt Spinifex) WA A
Split Rock Q A
Split Rock Station WA A
Spring Creek Q A
Spring Creek (Ord River) WA X
Spring Park (Black Hill) WA Y
Springcliff Q B
Springvale Q B
Springvale WA X
Springvale (Diamantina) Q X
St Ronans Q A
Stake Well WA Y
Stamford Q Y
Stanbroke Q A
Stanley Q B
Stannary Hills Q B
Starcke Q X
Station Creek (Leonora) WA B
Station Peak WA A
Stephens Creek NSW B
Steppes TAS B
Stirling NT X
Stirling (Aramac) Q Y
Stirling Station NT X
Stokes Inlet WA B
Stonehenge Q B
Stoney Creek Q B
Storth Q B
Strahan TAS B
Strangways Springs SA Y
Stratford Q B
Stratford Siding Q B
Strathalbyn Q B
Strathbowen Q Y
Strathburn Q X
Strathdarr Q B
Strathdickie Q B
Strathfield (McKinlay) Q A
Strathfillan Q B
Strathgordon TAS B
Strathgordon (Cape York) Q X
Strathhaven Q X
Strathleven Q X
Strathmay Q X
Strathmore (Longreach) Q B
Strathmore (Normanton) Q X
Strelley WA A
Strelley River WA A
Stretch Range WA X
Stuart Q B
Stuart Park NT A
Stuart Range Opal Fields SA Y
Stuarts Creek SA Y
Stuartstown Q A
Sturt Creek WA X
Sturt Meadows WA B
Sturt Vale SA Y
Sunday Creek NT X
Sunday Island WA A
Sundown Q A
Sundown SA Y
Sunnyside Q B
Surveyors Lake NSW B
Swan Vale Q B
Sybil Creek Q B
Sydenham Q B
Sylvania WA A
Tabacum Q B
Tabba Tabba WA A
Table Top Q X
Tableland WA X
Taincrow WA Y
Talaroo Q X
Talawana WA A
Talawanta Q X
Talbalba Q B
Talga Talga WA A
Talisker WA B
Tallala SA Y
Tallering WA B
Talmoi Q X
Tamala WA Y
Tambo Q B
Tambourah WA A
Tambrey WA A
Tammarin Rock WA B
Tampa WA B
Tanami NT X
Tanbar Q Y
Tanda (Marrilla) WA A
Tangadee WA A
Tangorin Q B
Tannalo Q B
Tanumbirini NT X
Tara NT X
Tarabah Q B
Tarawera Bore NT X
Tarbrax (Julia Creek) Q X
Tarcombe Q B
Tarcoola SA Y
Tarcoon NSW B
Tarcoonyinna SA Y
Tardie WA B
Tardun WA B
Tareen Q B
Tarlton Downs NT X
Tarmoola WA B
Tarraji River WA X
Tarraleah TAS B
Tarren Lake Q B
Tarvano Q Y
Tarzali Q B
Tate Tin Mines Q A
Te Kowai Q B
Teatree NT A
Teepookanah TAS B
Teetulpa SA B
Tego Q B
Teilta NSW B
Telfer WA X
Telford SA Y
Temma TAS B
Temple Downs NT A
Tenham Q Y
Tenindewa WA B
Tennent Creek NT X
Tepon Q B
Terang Q B
Terramia NSW B
Terranburby Q B
Terrick Q Y
Terwood Q A
Teutonic Bore WA Y
Texas Downs WA X
Thackomble NSW B
Thalanga Q B
Thangoo (Roebuck Plains) WA A
Thargomindah Q Y
The Avenue NSW B
The Eight Mile SA Y
The English Companys Island NT X
The Garden NT A
The Granites NT X
The Horn Q A
The Lake (Aramac) Q B
The Leap Q B
The Lynd Q X
The Monument (Mt Isa) Q A
The Narrows NT A
The O'Donnell (Louisa Downs) WA X
The Oaks Q X
The Peak (White Cliffs) NSW Y
The Pines SA B
The Pinnacles NSW B
The Range WA X
The Sisters WA B
The Twins SA Y
The Veldt NSW B
The Weir Q B
Theda WA X
Thevenard Island WA X
Thirlestone Q B
Thirsty Hill (Mt Thirsty) WA B
Thishebank Q B
Thoopara Q B
Thornborough Q B
Three Bores Health Centre NT X
Three Mile NT X
Three Rivers WA A
Thunda Q B
Thundelarra - Homestead WA B
Thurlga SA B
Thurloo Downs NSW Y
Thursday Island Q X
Thurulgoonia Q B
Thylungra Q Y
Ti Tree NT X
Ti Tree Well NT A
Tibooburra NSW Y
Tickalara (Osmond Valley) WA X
Tierawomba Q B
Tieyon SA Y
Tika Tika WA X
Tilbooroo Q Y
Tilcha SA Y
Tilpa NSW B
Tiltagoonah NSW B
Timber Creek NT X
Timora Q X
Tinaroo Falls Q B
Tinga Tingana SA Y
Tinki NT X
Tinnenburra Q B
Tintinallogy NSW B
Tipperary NT A
Tiree Q B
Tirrawarra SA Y
Titjikala NT A
Tiverton SA B
Tiwi NT A
Tjamangruga NT A
Tjatja SA Y
Tjawupalya WA Y
Tjilla Well NT X
Tjilpil SA Y
Tjimpirta NT A
Tjiturra NT X
Tjitururrnga WA X
Tjukurla WA X
Tjuninanta NT X
Tjunti NT X
Tjurnti NT X
Tobermorey Q Y
Tod River NT A
Todmorden SA Y
Tokalon Q B
Tolga Q B
Tolkuru Q B
Tom Price WA A
Tomahawk Q Y
Tongo NSW B
Tonkoro Q B
Toobanna Q B
Toolebuc Q X
Toomba Q B
Toompine Station (Quilpie) Q Y
Toonka - Outstation Q X
Toonpan Q B
Toorak (Cloncurry) Q X
Toorak Research Station - X
Toorale NSW B
Top Springs NT X
Topaz Q B
Torannie NSW B
Torquay (Richmond) Q Y
Torradup WA B
Torrens Creek Q B
Torres Park Q B
Torres Strait Islands - X
Torrowangee NSW B
Towera (Winning) WA A
Townsville Q B
Towrana WA A
Towri (Richmond) Q X
Trafalgar Q B
Tralee (Flinders) Q Y
Trebonne Q B
Tregoning Q B
Trekalano Q A
Treslove (Truslove) WA B
Trewalla Q B
Trig Hill WA A
Trimouille Island (Monte Bello Island) WA X
Trinidad Q Y
Trinity Beach Q B
Troughton Island WA X
Truant Island NT X
Trueman Q B
Truslove WA B
Tuckanarra WA Y
Tuen Q B
Tula Q B
Tullah TAS B
Tully Q B
Tulmur Q Y
Tumbare Q B
Tumoulin Q B
Tungatinah TAS B
Tunnel Creek National Park WA X
Turee Creek WA A
Turkey Creek (Bow River) WA X
Turkey Hill WA B
Turkinje Q B
Turleys House NSW B
Turner WA A
Turner River WA A
Turnorville Q B
Turulka Q B
Twin Peaks WA B
Twin Wells NSW B
Uaroo - Homestead WA A
Ucharonidge NT X
Udialla WA A
Ukatjupa NT X
Ularring WA B
Ularunda Q B
Ulcanbah Q B
Ulgulu Q B
Ulkiya SA Y
Ullawarra WA A
Ulumbara Bore NT X
Uluru NT X
Ulva Q B
Umbakumba NT X
Umbeara NT X
Umberatana SA Y
Umbum SA Y
Umpanguara NT A
Umputjutu NT X
Unanditta NT A
Undarrana NT A
Undilla Q A

Undina Q A
Ungo Q B
Union Mills Q A
Untumpirrintji NT X
Upper Chapman WA B
Upper Murray River Q B
Upper Stone Q B
Urala WA A
Urama Q B
Urana West Q B
Urandangi Q A
Urani Q B
Urannal Q B
Urapunga NT X
Urapuntja NT X
Urarey (Bandya) WA Y
Urawa Rocks WA B
Urella Downs NSW Y
Urilipila NT X
Urisino NSW B
Urquhart Q B
Uruba Q B
Useless Loop WA Y
Utopia NT A
Valley of Lagoons Q B
Valparaiso Q Y
Van Rook Q X
Vanderlin Island NT X
Vanesk WA Y
Vaparaiso Q B
Varanus Island (Lowendal Island) WA X
Varoo Homestead WA X
Vaughan Springs NT X
Vergemont Q B
Vernon Island NT X
Victoria Q B
Victoria Downs Q B
Victoria Estate Q B
Victoria Park (Mackay) Q B
Victoria River Downs NT X
Victory Downs NT X
Villadale (Richmond) Q X
Vince Q B
Vindex Q B
Violet Vale Q X
Violet Valley (Mabel Downs) WA X
Vivian Well SA Y
Vlaming Head WA X
Wabricoola SA B
Waddamana TAS B
Waddouring Hill WA B
Wagaman NT A
Wagga Wagga (Station) WA Y
Waggrakine WA B
Wagodra Q B
Wagoe Beach WA B
Wahroonga WA A
Waitan Q X
Waitara Q B
Waite River NT A
Wakala Q B
Walagunya WA A
Walakara SA Y
Walangkura NT X
Waldburg WA A
Waldheim TAS B
Walgoolan WA B
Walgoolan North WA B
Walgoolan South WA B
Walgra Q A
Walgun WA A
Walka NT X
Walkamin Q B
Walkerston Q B
Wall Creek NT X
Walla Walla Springs WA X
Wallace Rockhole NT A
Wallal Q B
Wallal Downs (Station) WA A
Wallamunga NT X
Wallangarra NSW B
Wallanguru NT X
Wallara Ranch NT A
Wallareenya WA A
Wallatinna SA Y
Wallhallow NT X
Walling Rock WA B
Walsh Q A
Walu NT X
Walu Rockhole WA X
Walyinynga SA Y
Walytjatjata NT X
Wambiana Q B
Wampra NSW B
Wanaaring NSW B
Wanarn WA X
Wanaway WA B
Wandagee WA A
Wandana Hill WA B
Wandaning Rock WA B
Wandarrie WA Y
Wandina WA B
Wando Vale Q B
Wandoo Q B
Wangan Q B
Wangianna SA Y
Wanguri NT A
Wankari NT X
Wanko Q B
Wanna (Elliott Creek) WA A
Wannoo WA B
Wanora Downs (Richmond) Q X
Wanora Downs (Winton) Q Y
Wantapella Well SA Y
Wanteen WA Y
Wapweelah NSW B
Waraga NT X
Warakupna WA X
Warambie WA A
Waratah TAS B
Waratea (Corella) WA X
Waratuarra WA Y
Warbreccan Q B
Warburton WA Y
Warburton Range Mission WA Y
Warda Warra Hill WA Y
Warenda Q X
Warianna Q Y
Warlpapuka WA X
Warrabin Q Y
Warrabri NT X
Warrachuppin WA B
Warralakin WA B
Warralong WA A
Warrambah Q B
Warramboo Hill WA Y
Warrawagine WA A
Warrawi NT X
Warrawoona Peak WA A
Warreah Q B
Warrego NT X
Warren Creek Bore NT X
Warren Vale Q X
Warri House NSW Y
Warribanno Chimney Ruin WA B
Warriearran (De Grey) WA A
Warriedar - Homestead WA Y
Warrigal Q B
Warrimbah Hill (Noonkanbah) WA X
Warrina SA Y
Warringah Station Q Y
Warrior SA Y
Warrnambool Downs Q B
Warroora WA A
Warrubullen Q B
Warrungulla NSW B
Warrupura WA X
Wartaka West SA B
Wartaru SA Y
Warterview Q B
Waterbank WA A
Waterdale (Mandilla) WA B
Waterloo NT X
Watermelon Spring (Hill Springs) WA A
Watinuna SA Y
Watson SA Y
Watsonville Q B
Watten Q Y
Wattle Creek (Mt Magnet Station) WA Y
Wauchope NT X
Waugh's Pocket Q B
Waukaringa SA B
Wave Hill NT X
Wave Hill Station NT X
Waverney Q Y
Wayatinah TAS B
Wayililinya NT X
Weebo WA Y
Weedarra (Bidgemia) WA X
Weelamurra Q B
Weelarrana WA A
Weerimba Q B
Weewondilla Q B
Weilmoringle NSW B
Weipa Q X
Welbourne Hill SA Y
Welbungin WA B
Welcome (Georgetown) Q X
Weld Range WA Y
Weld Springs WA A
Wellesley Q A
Wellshot Q B
Weona (Paroo) Q B
Weonia (Balonne) Q B
Werewilka Q Y
Werna Q B
Werona Q B
Werrington Q X
Wertaloona SA Y
West Moreland Q X
West Waterhole NT A
West Island NT X
West Yuna WA B
Wessel Islands NT X
Westbourne Q B
Westgate Q B
Westland Q B
Westlea Q B
Westonia WA B
Westwood Downs NSW B
Wetherby (Richmond) Q X
Wetherby (Winton) Q Y
Wetlands Q B
Whali (Yallalong) WA B
Wharton Island (Esperance) WA B
Wheelarra WA B
Whim Creek WA A
Whipstick NSW Y
White Cliffs NSW Y
White Cliffs WA Y
White Cloud Cliffs WA Y
White Mark TAS B
White Peak WA B
White Quartz Hill WA A
White Quartz Knob WA A
White Rock Q B
White Springs (Abydos) WA A
White Wells Cave SA Y
Whitewells WA B
Whitewood Q Y
Whitsunday Island Q B
Why Not (Mackay) Q B
Why Not (Quilpie) Q Y
Whyman NSW B
Whymlet SA Y
Wialki WA B
Wickham WA A
Widgeegoara Q B
Widgiemooltha WA B
Wigunda SA Y
Wilangee NSW B
Wilcannia NSW B
Wildara (Weebo) WA Y
Wilga Downs NSW B
Wilgena SA Y
Wilgoyne Hill WA B
Wilkatana SA B
William Creek SA Y
Williambury (Station) WA X
Williamsford TAS B
Willipa SA B
Willis Island Q X
Willowra NT X
Wilmington Q B
Wilora NT X
Wilpena SA B
Wilpoorina (Oldstation) SA Y
Wilroy WA B
Wilson Bay Q X
Wilson Point WA A
Wilsons Patch WA B
Wiluna WA Y
Winchelsea Island NT X
Winchester Downs (Richmond) Q X
Windanya WA B
Windarra WA Y
Winderie WA A
Windeyer Q B
Windidda WA Y
Windimurra WA Y
Windorah Q Y
Windsor WA Y
Wine Creek SA Y
Wingarntjirri WA X
Wingellina Hills WA Y
Wingkilina WA Y
Winhaven Q B
Winnathee NSW Y
Winnellie NT A
Winning WA A
Winning Pool WA A
Winninowie SA B
Winparrku WA X
Wintawatu SA Y
Wintinna SA Y
Winton Q B
Wintuwintutjarra SA Y
Wirpoo Q B
Wirra-Wirna (Wyngangoo) WA Y
Wirra-Wirra (Georgetown) Q X
Wirraminna SA B
Wirrappa SA B
Wirrawa NSW B
Wirrawilla SA Y
Wirrida SA B
Witchelina SA Y
Withers Find WA B
Wittenoom WA A
Wittenoom Gorge WA A
Wittenoom Hill WA B
Wodgina WA A
Woepen Q A
Wogarno WA Y
Woilyllia WA B
Wokarena WA B
Wokatherra WA B
Wokatherra Hill WA B
Woldston Q B
Wolfram Q A
Wolla Wolla Hill WA B
Wollingford Q B
Wollogorang NT X
Wombat (Winton) Q Y
Wonarah NT X
Womikata SA Y
Woncoondy WA B
Wondecla Q B
Wondinong WA Y
Wondoola Q X
Wondrin WA B
Wonga Q B
Wongabel Q B
Wongalee Q B
Wongamere Q B
Wonganoo WA Y
Wongawol (Carnegie) WA Y
Wongi Hill WA B
Wontimee Q A
Woocalla SA B
Wood House River WA X
Wood-Duck SA Y
Woodarra WA Y
Woodbrook (Andover) WA A
Woodie Woodie WA X
Woodgreen NT A
Woodlands WA A
Woodleigh WA B
Woodleigh Gardens NT A
Woodside Construction Camp WA A
Woodstock NSW B
Woodstock (Abydos) WA A
Woodstock (Croydon) Q X
Woodstock (Thuringowa) Q B
Woodvale (Cunnamulla) Q B
Woodville Q A
Woogangie WA B
Wooganup WA B
Woojalong Hills WA B
Wookata SA Y
Woolahra Q B
Wooleen WA B
Woolgangie WA B
Woolgerong Rock WA Y
Woolianne NT X
Woolibar WA B
Woolla NT A
Woolla Downs NT A
Wooltana SA Y
Woolyeenyer WA B
Woomboara Hill WA B
Woomera SA B
Woonigan Q A
Woonoona Q B
Wooramel WA A
Woorlba WA Y
Wooroorooka Q B
Woree Q B
Wrights Creek (Cloncurry) Q A
Wrotham Park Q X
Wulagi NT A
Wundaru Q B
Wurarga WA A
Wyambana SA Y
Wyandotte Q B
Wyandra Q B
Wybenia Q B
Wydgee WA Y
Wyeroo - Outstation Q X
Wyloo WA A
Wymlet SA B
Wynbring SA Y
Wyndham WA X
Wynyangoo WA Y
Wyoming (Ingham) Q B
Wyreema Downs Q X
Yabboo Hill (Kalgoorlie) WA B
Yaboo Hill (Boolardy) WA Y
Yabulu Q B
Yacamunda Q B
Yadaninna SA Y
Yadginda (Sherwood) WA Y
Yadjin Q B
Yadlamulka SA B
Yai Yai NT X
Yakabindie WA Y
Yakapari Q B
Yakara Q Y
Yalamurra Q B
Yalardy WA B
Yalata Mission SA Y
Yalbalgo WA A
Yalboroo Q B
Yalbra WA X
Yaleen WA A
Yalgoo WA B
Yalkipi NT X
Yalkula Q B
Yallalong WA B
Yallampawarra NT X
Yalleen WA A
Yalleroi Q B
Yalobia Flat (Cooralya) WA A
Yalpunga NSW Y
Yamarna WA Y
Yambah NT A

Yambungan Q A
Yampi Sound WA X
Yampire Gorge WA A
Yancannia NSW Y
Yanco Glen NSW B
Yandal WA Y
Yandama NSW Y
Yandarlo Q B
Yandeearra WA A
Yandi WA B
Yandil WA Y
Yandyana WA A
Yangoonabbie SA Y
Yankaninna SA Y
Yanna Q B
Yanoning Rock WA B
Yanrey WA X
Yantabulla NSW B
Yapu Paara WA Y
Yaraka Q B
Yarangka SA Y
Yardea SA B
Yardie Creek WA A
Yaringa (North) WA A
Yaringa South (Carbla) WA B
Yaripalungi NT X
Yaripilangu NT X
Yarlarweelor WA X
Yarrabah Q B
Yarrabubba WA Y
Yarraden Q X
Yarrah SA B
Yarralin NT X
Yarraloola WA A
Yarraquin WA Y
Yarrawin NSW B
Yarrie WA A
Yarrowmere Q B
Yarrum Q X
Yatee Q B
Yawal Yurra WA X
Yeeda WA A
Yelka NSW B
Yellowdine WA B
Yelma - Homestead WA Y
Yenloora - Station Q Y
Yenoor Q B
Yeolands Q B
Yerbillon WA B
Yerda SA Y
Yerlelina SA Y
Yerrilla WA B
Yetna WA B
Yilmia Hill WA B
Yinda (Eulinna) WA B
Yingillingi NT X
Yinnietharra WA X
Yirrkala NT X
Yoomoo Q A
Yoothapina (Greenwood) WA Y
York Downs Q X
Yorke Island Q X
Yorkey's Knob Q B
Youangarra WA Y
Youanmi WA Y
Youanmi Downs (Yowangarra) WA Y
Youldo NSW Y
Youltoo NSW Y
Young River WA B
Youngarra WA Y
Youngerina NSW B
Youno Downs WA Y
Yoweragabbie WA Y
Yudnapinna SA B
Yuelamu NT X
Yuendumu NT X
Yuin WA B
Yuinmery WA Y
Yukan Q B
Yulara NT X
Yumari Bore WA X
Yuna WA B
Yuna East WA B
Yuna South WA B
Yundamindra WA B
Yungaburra Q B
Yunndaga WA B
Yunnerman Q B
Yunta SA B
Yurbi Q A
Yurunga Q B
Zanthus WA B
Zeehan TAS B
Zeehan WA B
Zelma Q B

Date of effect

8. This Ruling applies consistently with the legislation as it stood to years commencing both before and after its date of issue. However, the Ruling does not apply to taxpayers to the extent that it conflicts with the terms of a settlement of a dispute agreed to before the date of issue of the Ruling (see paragraphs 21 and 22 of Taxation Ruling Tr 92/20).

Commissioner of Taxation

Previously released in draft form as TR94/D29



ISSN 1039 - 0731

Related Rulings/Determinations:

TR 94/27

Subject References:
isolated areas
zone rebates

Legislative References:

TR 94/28 history
  Date: Version: Change:
  25 August 1994 Original ruling  
You are here 15 September 1994 Consolidated ruling Erratum
  17 October 2001 Withdrawn