CRT Alert 65/2017


MATS technical documentation locked down

Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) business and technical documentation is now available and includes:

o the MATS Business Implementation Guide (BIG)

o the MATS Message Structure Table, schema and samples.

These locked down versions should be used to inform your build. Further changes to these documents would need to be of a critical nature.


Consultation closed

The draft MATS business and technical documentation was open for consultation 7 to 21 September 2017. The consultation period has now closed, all feedback has been considered and the design has now been locked down.


Change process for MATS documentation

To provide further assurance that the locked down versions can be used to commence your build, the change process is outlined below.

Should any further changes be required to the documentation, they will be subject to a stringent change control process as follows:

o The changes will be examined thoroughly with industry representatives who form the Transaction Service Working Group (TSWG).

o Where changes are assessed as critical and the TSWG deems the changes vital, the TSWG will determine the required approach and the relevant adjustments necessary.

o The changes will then be subject to a strict ATO change control framework overseen by a change control board.

o Any required changes would be communicated more broadly as soon as practicable.

Any critical changes that are deemed to be material will need to be considered in the context of implementation timeframes.


Documents on SBR

We have created a new combined package for MATS and Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS) documents on the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) website.

o This package can be found under the heading Super Member (SPRMBR) on the SBR website.

o While the MAAS artefacts are now part of the new package, the documents are still the same.

Next steps:

o Access the MATS Business implementation guide on Let's Talk – this will be published to the SBR website soon.

o Access the MATS Message Structure Table, schema and samples on the SBR website – the remaining artefacts will be added as they become available.