Zuijs v. Wirth Brothers Pty. Ltd.

(1955) 93 CLR 561

v. Wirth Brothers Pty. Ltd.

High Court of Australia

Dixon C.J., Williams, Webb and Taylor JJ
McTiernan J

Hearing date: Sydney, 1955, November 11, 14; December 15.
Judgment date: 15 December 1955


Appeal allowed with costs. Discharge the order of the Supreme Court. Order that in lieu thereof par. (a) of the question in the stated case be answered Yes and par. (b) thereof No and that the appeal to the Supreme Court be allowed with costs and that the cause be remitted to the Workers' Compensation Commission of New South Wales with a direction that the said commission do rehear or reconsider the appellant's application and deal with it as may be right consistently with this order.