Spencer v. Commonwealth

5 CLR 418

v. Commonwealth

High Court of Australia

Judges: Griffith CJ
Barton J
Isaacs J

Subject References:
Resumption of land

Legislative References:
Property for Public Purposes Acquisition Act 1901 (Cth) No 13 - the Act

Hearing date: PERTH 13 November 1906; 14 November 1906; 15 November 1906; 16 November 1906; 22 November 1906; 23 October 1907; 24 October 1907; 25 October 1907; 29 October 1907;
Judgment date: 29 October 1907


Judgment appealed from varied by directing judgment for plaintiff for PD3,082 1s. 2d., being the amount paid into Court. Plaintiff to pay defendant's costs of action after payment in. Respondent to pay costs of appeal, including cost of printing.

On appeal from a judge exercising the original jurisdiction of the high court.

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