Bankruptcy Act 1966



The regulations may make provision in relation to enabling a person who is alleged to have committed an offence of a kind referred to in the table in subsection (2) to pay to the Commonwealth, as an alternative to prosecution, a penalty of an amount worked out in accordance with subsection (2) .


The amount of penalty payable to the Commonwealth under regulations made for the purposes of subsection (1) in respect of an offence is determined using the following table:

Penalties payable
Item Alleged offence Penalty payable
1 subsection 52(1A) 1 penalty unit
2 subsection 73(1A) 1 penalty unit
3 subsection 74(5A) 1 penalty unit
4 subsection 153A(2) 1 penalty unit
5 subsection 153B(3) 1 penalty unit
6 subsection 185C(4D) 12 penalty units
7 subsection 185LE(1A) 1 penalty unit
8 - 11 (Repealed by No 11 of 2016)
12 subsection 185LEA(1) 1 penalty unit
13 subsection 185ZA(1) 1 penalty unit
14 subsection 186N(1) 1 penalty unit
15 subsection 186N(3) 1 penalty unit
16 subsection 186N(5) 1 penalty unit
17 subsection 186N(6A) 1 penalty unit
18 subsection 218(2) 1 penalty unit
19 subsection 224A(1) 1 penalty unit
20 subsection 224A(2) 1 penalty unit
21 subsection 224A(3) 1 penalty unit
22 subsection 224A(4) 1 penalty unit
23 subsection 224A(5) 1 penalty unit
24 subsection 244(14) 1 penalty unit
25 subsection 245(3) 1 penalty unit
26 subsection 246(1) 5 penalty units
27 subsection 247(3) 1 penalty unit
28 subsection 252A(2) 1 penalty unit
29 subsection 30-1(5) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit
30 subsection 35-5(2) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit
31 subsection 65-40(3) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit
32 subsection 70-10(4) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit
33 subsection 70-11(2) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit
34 subsection 70-25(4) of Schedule 2 1 penalty unit


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