Division 43 - Deductions for capital works  

Subdivision 43-D - Deductible uses of capital works  

Operative provisions

SECTION 43-150   43-150   Meaning of industrial activities  
Industrial activities means:

(a) any of the following activities ( core activities ):

(i) operations where manufactured items are derived from other goods even if those manufactured items are themselves used as parts or materials in the manufacture of other items;

(ii) operations (other than packing, placing in containers or labelling) by which manufactured items are brought into or maintained in the form or condition in which they are sold or used, even if they are for sale or use as parts or materials in the manufacture of other items;

(iii) the separation of a metal or a compound of a metal from its ore (not including crushing, grinding, breaking, screening or sizing to facilitate that separation) or the treatment or processing of a metal or a compound of a metal after its separation;

(iv) for a metal or a compound of a metal not requiring separation - applying to the metal or compound a treatment or process which, if the metal or compound had required separation, would not have been applied until after the separation;

(v) refining *petroleum;

(vi) scouring or carbonising wool;

(vii) milling timber;

(viii) freezing primary products;

(ix) printing, lithographing or engraving, or a similar process, in the course of carrying on a business as a publisher, printer, lithographer or engraver;

(x) curing meat or fish;

(xi) producing chilled or frozen meat;

(xii) pasteurising milk;

(xiii) canning or bottling foodstuffs;

(xiv) producing electric current, hydraulic power, steam, compressed air or gases (other than natural gas) for the purpose of sale, or use wholly or mainly in carrying on another activity mentioned in this paragraph; or

(b) any of the following activities:

(i) the packing, placing in containers or labelling of any goods resulting from the carrying on of core activities;

(ii) the disposal of waste substances resulting from the carrying on of core activities;

(iii) the cleansing or sterilising of bottles, vats or other containers used by the entity to store goods to be used in carrying on core activities or goods resulting from the carrying on of core activities;

(iv) the assembly, maintenance, cleansing, sterilising or repair of property used in carrying on core activities;

(v) the storage, within premises in which core activities are carried on, or premises contiguous to those premises, of goods in carrying on core activities, goods in relation to which core activities have commenced but not finally been completed or goods resulting from core activities;

but does not include the preparation of food or drink (whether for consumption on the premises where it is prepared or elsewhere) in, or in premises occupied in connection with, a hotel, motel, boarding house, catering establishment, restaurant, cafe, milk-bar, coffee shop, retail shop or similar establishment.


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