Corporations Act 2001



Division 4 - Other matters  


827A(1)   [ Ministerial criteria for decision-making]  

The Minister must have regard to certain matters in deciding whether to:

(a) grant an applicant an Australian CS facility licence under section 824B ; or

(b) impose, vary or revoke conditions on such a licence under section 825A ; or

(c) suspend or cancel such a licence under section 826C ; or

(d) disallow a change to the operating rules of a licensed CS facility under section 822E .

827A(2)   [ Relevant criteria]  

These are the matters the Minister must have regard to:

(a) the structure, or proposed structure, of the facility;

(b) the nature of the services provided, or proposed to be provided, by the facility;

(c) the size, or proposed size, of the facility;

(d) the nature of the financial products in respect of which the facility provides services or proposes to provide services;

(e) the participants, or proposed participants, in the facility and whether those participants:

(i) in using the facility's services, are, or will be, providing financial services to other persons; or

(ii) use, or will use, the facility's services in respect of financial products they acquire or dispose of as retail clients or as wholesale clients; or

(iii) are, or will be, participants in a financial market, or other clearing and settlement facilities, as well;

(f) the technology used, or proposed to be used, in the operation of the facility;

(g) whether it would be in the public interest to take the action referred to in subsection (1);

(h) any relevant advice received from ASIC or the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The Minister may also have regard to any other matter that the Minister considers relevant.

827A(3)   [ Additional criteria]  

If the Minister is deciding whether to take the action mentioned in paragraph (1)(a), (b) or (c) in respect of an Australian CS facility licence granted under subsection 824B(2) (overseas clearing and settlement facilities), the Minister must also have regard to:

(a) the criteria that the licensee or applicant satisfied to obtain an authorisation to operate the same facility in the foreign country in which their principal place of business is located; and

(b) the obligations they must continue to satisfy to keep the authorisation; and

(c) the level of supervision to which the facility is subject in that country; and

(d) whether adequate arrangements exist for cooperation between ASIC, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the authority, or authorities, that are responsible for that supervision.


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