Tax Laws Amendment (2009 Budget Measures No. 2) Act 2009 (133 of 2009)

Schedule 2   Non-commercial losses

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

11   At the end of subsection 35-55(1)


; or (c) for an applicant who carries on the business activity who does not satisfy subsection 35-10(2E) (income requirement) for the most recent income year ending before the application is made - the business activity has started to be carried on and, for the excluded years:

(i) because of its nature, it has not produced, or will not produce, assessable income greater than the deductions attributable to it; and

(ii) there is an objective expectation, based on evidence from independent sources (where available) that, within a period that is commercially viable for the industry concerned, the activity will produce assessable income for an income year greater than the deductions attributable to it for that year (apart from the operation of subsections 35-10(2) and (2C)).

Note: Paragraphs (b) and (c) are intended to cover a business activity that has a lead time between the commencement of the activity and the production of any assessable income. For example, an activity involving the planting of hardwood trees for harvest, where many years would pass before the activity could reasonably be expected to produce income.

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