Tax Laws Amendment (Transfer of Provisions) Act 2010 (79 of 2010)

Schedule 1   Collection and recovery of tax

Part 1   Main amendments

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

1   After section 169


169AA Consolidated assessments

(1) This section applies if 2 or more persons (the recipients ) are in receipt of income, or of profits or gains of a capital nature, for or on behalf of:

(a) a non-resident; or

(b) a person absent from Australia.

(2) The Commissioner may, if it appears to him or her to be expedient to do so:

(a) consolidate all or any of the assessments of the income, profits or gains; and

(b) declare one of the recipients to be the agent of the non-resident or absent person in respect of the consolidated assessment; and

(c) require the agent to pay income tax on the amount assessed.

(3) If the Commissioner does so, the agent is liable to pay the tax.

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