Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2013 Measures No. 1) Act 2013 (88 of 2013)

Schedule 5   Loss carry back

Part 3   Anti-avoidance

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

31   After paragraph 177C(2)(c)


(ca) a loss carry back tax offset being allowable to the taxpayer the whole or a part of which would not have been, or might reasonably be expected not to have been, allowable to the taxpayer if the scheme had not been entered into or carried out, where:

(i) the allowance of the loss carry back tax offset to the taxpayer is attributable to the making of a declaration, agreement, election, selection or choice, the giving of a notice or the exercise of an option by any person, being a declaration, agreement, election, selection, choice, notice or option expressly provided for by this Act; and

(ii) the scheme was not entered into or carried out by any person for the purpose of creating any circumstance or state of affairs the existence of which is necessary to enable the declaration, agreement, election, selection, choice, notice or option to be made, given or exercised, as the case may be; or

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