Corporations Amendment (Crowd-sourced Funding) Act 2017 (17 of 2017)

Schedule 1   Main amendments

Part 1   Amendment of the Corporations Act 2001

Corporations Act 2001

15   At the end of subsection 739(1)


; or (d) an offer of securities under a CSF offer document, or the publication of a CSF offer document on a platform of a CSF intermediary, contravenes subsection 738Y(1) (which relates to defective CSF offer documents); or

(e) a CSF offer document does not comply with section 738K (other requirements for CSF offer documents); or

(f) an advertisement or publication of a kind referred to in subsection 738ZG(6) is defective (see subsection (6) of this section); or

(g) an offer of securities that is expressed to be made under Part 6D.3A is not eligible to be made under that Part.

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