Foreign income return form guide

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Foreign income return form guide 2002-03

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Some abbreviations used in this publication


Australian Taxation Office


controlled foreign company


controlled foreign entity


controlled foreign partnership


controlled foreign trust


double taxation agreement


dividend withholding tax


eligible designated concession income


foreign investment fund


foreign tax credit


foreign tax credit system


net foreign income

P/ Y loss

previous years losses

The Act

Income Tax Assessment Act 1936


How to use the Foreign income return form guide

Each chapter of the Foreign income return form guide (the guide) contains an explanation of measures relating to the taxation of foreign income derived by, or attributed to, Australian residents. They are:

Chapter 1

Attribution of the current year profits of a controlled foreign company (CFC)

Chapter 2

Transferor trust and related measures

Chapter 3

Taxation of foreign dividends and branch profits and the foreign tax credit system

Chapter 4

Proving your assessment

Chapter 5

Consolidation (consolidated income tax treatment for groups of entities)

Summary sheets at the end of the guide provide a quick reference to assist you in determining if and to what extent the measures apply to you. Where necessary, worksheets have also been provided to help you work out your tax liability.

Although the guide is quite detailed, it may not cover all the qualifications and conditions contained in the law that relate to your circumstances. For instance, it does not discuss the special rules that apply in working out attributable income for companies conducting banking or insurance activities. If you are not sure about the application of the law, please contact the tax office where you lodge your tax return.

Unless otherwise stated, references in this guide to provisions of the law are to provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 .

ATO references:
NO NAT 1840

Foreign income return form guide
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