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  • ATO leads Digital by default

    The ATO today opened community consultation on its Digital by default initiative, as it continues its push to deliver better products and services for all taxpayers.

    The proposed change will deliver a simpler, easier, more flexible and adaptable way of interacting digitally with the ATO and puts the taxpayer experience at the forefront of service delivery.

    Deputy Commissioner Michelle Crosby said the Digital by default initiative will require most taxpayers to use ATO digital services to send and receive information and payments, except where they do not have the ability to do so.

    “More and more, people are carrying out their day-to-day business online and in the last couple of years a focus of ours has been to make sure our digital services meet the community’s needs. The Digital by default initiative is an extension of this commitment,” Ms Crosby said.

    “For most people, it just makes more sense to use our online products, which offer a more personalised and convenient service.”

    Ms Crosby said while there were lots of benefits to a digital approach, such as improved access to information at convenient times on the device or software of choice, and faster turnaround times, the ATO knows that for those who have relied on paper products it may be a big change.

    “This ATO-led initiative will require people still using paper products to switch to ATO digital services. We’ll be providing time and support for those who need help to make the shift from paper to digital,” Ms Crosby said.

    “We have released a consultation paper and are seeking feedback from all sections of the community. We want to make sure we have a fully-rounded understanding of the support needed to transition to digital services, the approach we take for those who cannot use digital services, and any concerns people might have.”

    Ms Crosby said there would be some instances where it would not be possible to go digital due to individual circumstances.

    “We will ensure that alternative services are available to this small group of people,” Ms Crosby said.

    To get involved in the Digital by default conversation and provide your feedback, visit our Let’s Talk webpage: Link

    The opportunity to provide feedback on the Digital by default consultation paper is open from 30 November to 29 January 2016.

    Digital by default is one of three initiatives announced in the 2015-16 Budget as part of the ‘Reducing red tape measure – reforms to the Australian Taxation Office’External Link.

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