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    24 March 2016

    Between April and June 2016 we’re doing some research that will help us improve our digital services, including the Small business newsroom.

    Participating in this research is your chance to help improve our services, and make it easier for other businesses like you to manage their tax and super online.

    People will be randomly selected and invited to participate in the research through Chantlink (a market research company).

    Chantlink will conduct online surveys and face-to-face visits to find out about:

    • your experience with the newsroom email service and the newsroom website
    • improvements you’d like to see in the newsroom
    • any barriers for you when interacting with us online
    • what support you need to use our digital services.

    We want your honest and frank feedback – no name or identifying factor will be put against your comments.

    If you’re contacted, please take the opportunity to help us improve the newsroom and our digital services – we’re listening!

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