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  • Use of the fund

    A school building fund is solely for providing money to acquire, construct or maintain the school buildings for the purposes of using that building as a school. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

    To determine the purpose of the fund, objective circumstances are taken into account, including the constituent documents of the fund and what the money is actually provided for. Expenditure on capital improvements and maintenance, as well as installing and maintaining fixtures, are accepted outlays of a school building fund.

    Costs payable from a school building fund include:

    • purchase of land to the extent that it reasonably relates to the area of land occupied by the building to be used as a school
    • building purchase and construction expenses
    • incidental costs relating to planning, negotiating, financing and obtaining approvals for acquisition or construction
    • fixtures including security related features such as security alarms and lighting and window and door security such as grilles
    • initial repairs
    • additions or extensions to existing buildings such as additional floor, room or permanent structure as well as replacement, addition of walls, doors or windows
    • lease payments that relate to the building or land occupied by the building
    • conditions of construction imposed by a local governing body or public authority
    • repairs, painting, plumbing and general maintenance of school buildings, including costs of purchasing associated equipment
    • cleaning expenses including cleaning the building floor coverings, fixtures and windows.
    • building insurance
    • security monitoring costs that directly relate to the preservation or protection of a school building and
    • administration costs of establishing or promoting the fund, including bank fees, accounting and audit costs, fundraising expenses and reasonable remuneration for the fund’s administrator and staff.

    A school building fund cannot provide funds for

    • a non-school building
    • the non-school use of a school building
    • other facilities that are not buildings.

    Costs that cannot be paid include:

    • construction of non-school building like a wing of a building designed to be used as a church.
    • maintenance costs that relate to the non-school use of a building, like the costs of hiring a cleaner to clean school buildings following weddings unless the fund is fully and promptly reimbursed
    • running expenses of the school that don’t relate to buildings such as water, gas, electricity, sewerage, contents insurance, teaching staff salaries or the general upkeep of furnishings
    • costs of maintaining facilities which are not buildings including sports fields, sports equipment, playgrounds, landscaping and open-air carparks.

    A school building fund may invest or lend its money if this is a bona fide and temporary arrangement and is consistent with achieving the fund's objects with all reasonable speed. To be a bona fide arrangement, the investment or loan must enable or facilitate the provision of money to acquire, construct or maintain a school building for school purposes.

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