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  • Supporting fundraising events

    You may choose to support a fundraising event. The nature of your support, that is the type of donation you make, will impact its tax deductibility.

    It is whether you benefit from the donation or not that will change your tax.

    If you attend a fundraising event (such as a dinner or auction) you may make a contribution, like the cost of the ticket to attend or a successful bid at an auction. Because you benefit from your donation we do not classify your donation as a ‘gift’.

    If you support a fundraising event but do not benefit from the donation, your donation may be tax-deductible as a gift. If you do provide a gift other than money, you need to provide the DGR with its value.

    It is up to the DGR to value your minor benefit and provide you with a receipt.

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    Last modified: 25 Jul 2017QC 52960