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    Collecting to help victims of disaster

    If you are an NFP but not a DGR and you want to collect money for disaster relief, you can:

    • collect for an established DGR
    • start your own DGR
    • collect to help victims without supporters being eligible to claim a tax-deduction.

    Collecting for an established DGR offers advantages as the existing fund will already have systems in place to handle gifts and get assistance to the disaster victims quickly.

    You can collect money for both Australian and overseas disasters.

    For overseas disasters, you can collect through:

    • an overseas aid fund
    • a developed country disaster relief fund
    • a public ancillary fund.

    For Australian disasters, you can collect through:

    • a necessitous circumstances fund
    • a public benevolent institution
    • an Australian disaster relief fund
    • a public ancillary fund.

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