• Fundraising events for disaster relief

    If your organisation runs a fundraising event to assist victims of disasters, you need to check out the tax implications. If contributors attend an event run by a deductible gift recipient (DGR), they may able to claim some of their contribution as a tax deduction.

    Running an event

    One way of providing assistance to victims of disasters is by fundraising activities. If you choose to run a fundraising event, you will need to consider the tax treatment of fundraising activities, including income tax and goods and services tax (GST) requirements.

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    Attending an event

    Many fundraising events encourage contributions that give minor benefits to those who contribute. If attendees receive a material benefit in return, they are not entitled to claim the contribution as a tax deductible donation.

    However, if they make a contribution to a DGR for an eligible fundraising event, such as fetes, balls, galas shows, dinners and charity auctions, their contribution will be tax deductible if they meet certain conditions.

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