Straight from the source - November 2020

5 November 2020

Assistant Commissioner, Jennifer Moltisanti asks us to reflect on what we have learnt over the last few months, as we start to pave the road to recovery.

Has your organisation changed recently?

3 November 2020

Any changes may affect the endorsements and concessions you can access, and you may need to let us know. Find out how to review your organisation after a significant change.

Missed or underpaid super?

3 November 2020

If you missed the 28 October superannuation guarantee due date you need to lodge a superannuation guarantee charge statement by 28 November to avoid penalties.

JobKeeper extension key dates

30 September 2020

The JobKeeper Payment extension 1 started on 28 September. Here are some key dates you need to keep in mind.

Is your organisation contactable in an emergency?

30 September 2020

Emergency services and government agencies can use Australian business number (ABN) details to provide help to you in times of emergency. You should check your ABN details are current.