• Item 7 Reconciliation to taxable income or loss



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    'Item 7 Reconciliation to taxable income or loss' labels from Company tax return 2011

    Item 7 deals with adjustments for tax purposes to reconcile accounting total profit or loss to the taxable income or loss.

    Common errors: amounts incorrectly shown

    Various errors are made in item 7, including the incorrect use of labels to report revenue and expenses relating to mutual dealings with members.

    Consequence of these errors

    Errors in item 7 could lead to:

    • you paying an incorrect amount of tax
    • incorrect targeting of audits.


    W Non-deductible expenses

    WNon-deductible expenses includes amounts that are expenses for accounting purposes but are not deductible for income tax purposes, including timing variations.


    Expenses relating to mutual dealings with members are included at W.

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    W excludes any amount included at U Non-deductible exempt income expenditure item 7.

    Depreciation / decline in value

    Depreciation for accounting purposes is included at W. This is also the amount entered at X Depreciation expenses item 6.

    Enter the tax-deductible amount of decline in value at F Deduction for decline in value of depreciating assets item 7.

    Further information

    For more information on completing these labels, refer to Guide to depreciating assets 2011 (NAT 1996).

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    V Exempt income

    Write at V all income that is exempt from Australian tax. Do not include at V amounts that are not assessable income and not exempt income.


    Do not include mutual receipts at V Exempt income. Include these amounts at Q Other income not included in assessable income.

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    Q Other income not included in assessable income

    Q includes amounts that are income for accounting purposes but not assessable for income tax.


    Mutual receipts are included at Q.

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    Further information

    For more information on mutual receipts, refer to Non-assessable income in our guide Mutuality and taxable income.

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