• 3.1 What are the potential indicators?

    • Indicators measure the extent to which your goals have been achieved and, therefore, they must align with the success goals, desired outcomes and intent.
    • Indicators should measure changes in behaviour in relation to the key compliance obligations or changes in the level of community confidence.
    • Indicators are generally quantitative, but can be based on both quantitative and qualitative information sources.
    • Identify and document indicators without worrying at this stage whether, or how, they can be measured.
    • Reviewing the success goals identified in phase 2 may give you some ideas for potential indicators.
    • Reflecting on how the compliance risk or problem was identified in the first place should also provide some ideas for potential indicators.
    • Design indicators for any significant unintended consequences identified in phase 2.

    Example of an indicator using a qualitative information source

    Media articles are a source of qualitative information. An indicator could be the change in the percentage of articles indicating support for our view.

    See Appendix 1 for further examples of indicators.

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