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    Michael D'Ascenzo Commissioner of Taxation

    Fairness in accordance with the law, integrity, accountability and transparency - these are core values underlying our administration of the tax system as we move towards our centenary year.

    We are fortunate to have a tax and compliance culture where the great bulk of Australians, many supported by their agents, voluntarily comply with their tax obligations - but this is no accident. By building core values into our administration, service delivery and treatment of taxpayers, we have helped to foster high levels of community confidence in us.

    On many measures, we are a successful tax administration, and recognised as such internationally. And yet we are not complacent, and we continue to look for ways to improve our contribution to our society. We are conscious of the need to be responsive to the changing expectations of the community and the dynamic world we live in, and to take advantage of opportunities for improvement presented by an evolving environment, new measures, new business processes and new technology.

    This strategic statement sets out our aspiration to lift the bar in excellence in tax administration in the years ahead.

    Fundamental to our approach is helping taxpayers and their agents to understand their rights and obligations. We will do everything possible to make it easy for people to comply with the tax law, and we will support those people who want to do the right thing - while ensuring there are real and tangible risks for those who don't. Our approach is about fairness for taxpayers, and ensuring that business can operate on a level playing field.

    By listening to and co-designing with taxpayers and others, we can build community trust in our administration and reduce compliance costs. This more empathetic, user-based approach ensures that administrative solutions are designed and built around what works for taxpayers.

    Our aim is to become less visible to those who comply, but highly visible to those who don't. For those who don't comply, we are investing in technology to improve our analysis and identification of risk. And for those who want to comply we will continue to be a source of help and assistance.

    We will also invest in our own people to ensure we have the skills, support and commitment needed for the important work we do for the community and for government.

    Over the next four years, we will continue working with the community in the care and management of its tax system and deliver an administration which continues to add value to our nation.

    Michael D'Ascenzo

    Commissioner of Taxation

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