• If you think an assessment is wrong

    Amending an assessment

    Amendments can be initiated in several ways. We may initiate an amendment or the provider or member can ask for an amendment.

    An amendment may be needed if:

    • the member's adjusted taxable income has changed - this may occur if the member's income tax assessment has been amended
    • an amended Superannuation member contributions statement has been lodged because of a change in surchargeable contributions
    • the member's TFN is provided after an assessment issued because we could not match the member's TFN with reported information.

    We will send the amended assessment to the current holder of the contributions. This may be:

    • the provider that received the original assessment
    • a new provider
    • the member.

    If an assessment has been amended, one of two things may happen - if the holder of the contributions has

    • paid too much surcharge, we may, depending on the circumstances, need to pay interest when we refund the overpaid surcharge
    • not paid enough surcharge, they may need to pay us a general interest charge as well as the additional surcharge.

    The member should include any interest on overpayment of surcharge as assessable income for the financial year in which the interest is paid. If general interest charge applies, it is deductible in the financial year that it is incurred.

    Four-year time limit

    All super providers need to be aware of the four-year time limit for surcharge assessments.

    To ensure that an amended assessment can be issued for a member, a provider must make amendments to reporting as soon as the error is detected. We can only, subject to certain exceptions, issue an amended surcharge assessment within four years of an assessment being issued. The time limit starts from the date the debit assessments are due, and from the date the credit assessments were issued.

    There are exceptions that will allow us to issue an amended surcharge assessment outside of this four year period. These include:

    • if there is fraud or evasion
    • to give effect to the decision upon an appeal or review
    • to give effect to an objection decision to reduce the surcharge payable.

    If you lodge an amended Superannuation member contributions statement (NAT 2710) more than four years after an assessment, it may not be accepted unless it meets one of the exceptions criteria.

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      Last modified: 25 May 2015QC 18957