• Reporting requirements for super providers

    Super providers need to lodge a Superannuation member contributions statement (NAT 2710) for the financial years between 1997-2005 with us if the super provider:

    • received contributions for a member in the financial year
    • is still the holder of those contributions at the end of the relevant financial year.

    If the contributions were received and paid out to the member, either as a lump sum or as a pension starting before the end of the financial year, the super provider needs to report the contributions.

    Providers must report the:

    • super provider details
    • supplier details
    • member details
    • total contributed amounts for each member (for the financial year, including personal contributions).
    Further Information

    For more information about what needs to be reported, refer to How to complete the Superannuation member contributions statement (NAT 2603).

    End of further information

    Super funds should report gross contributions, including contributions that are paid as premiums for death or disablement cover, or amounts that are deducted from contributions as administration fees.

    It is a requirement to report the total contributed amount for each member. This total must be further broken down into the various types of contributions that are specified on the Superannuation member contributions statement (such as member and employer contributions). If there are subsequent changes to these contributions, super providers will need to lodge an amended Superannuation member contributions statement.

    If a member disagrees with the amount of surchargeable contributions that a provider has reported to us, the member should approach the super provider that reported the contributions.

    Generally, super providers need to provide the details of the reported contributions to members within 30 days of receiving the request.

    The super provider does not need to lodge a Superannuation member contributions statement for the member for surcharge purposes if they did not receive contributions for that financial year. This applies to the financial years from 1997-2005.

      Last modified: 25 May 2015QC 18957