• Large fund risk differentiation frame-work

    In March 2016, we released the next round of tailored diagnostic reports with enhanced features based on industry feedback. These reports are aimed at enabling APRA-regulated funds to assess how well they are meeting their superannuation reporting obligations, help them resolve any issues and improve reporting processes.

    This year, funds were able to compare their performance against last year’s, as well as see how they performed in relation to their industry peers. The reports were accompanied by FAQ’s which covered common questions raised during the last process, in particular how scores were calculated.

    To support these reports:

    • we conducted a webinar to provide an overview of the process, and explain the various indicators and enhancements to the report - we will publish the recording and transcript to our website shortly
    • we have published our Large super fund industry report to our website
    • we are conducting fund visits, starting with a small number of large fund visits with our key clients.

    If you have any questions, send us an email to: LargeFundDiagnostic@ato.gov.au

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