• SMSF asset ranges

    At 30 June 2012, 49% of SMSFs had assets of between $200,001 and $1 million (see appendix 1, table 14). Generally, over the five years to 30 June 2012, the proportion of SMSFs distributed across asset ranges followed a similar pattern to that of SMSF members by asset balances.

    The growth of the SMSF sector continues to result in a shift in asset holdings of SMSFs to the higher asset ranges. Graph 12 shows that for the five -year period, the proportion of SMSFs holding more than $200,000 in assets increased.

    Graph 12: SMSF asset sizes, 2008–2012

    Graph 12: SMSF asset sizes, 2008–2012

    SMSFs established in each of the five years to 2012 follow this trend.30 Of the SMSFs established in 2008, 43% held more than $200,000 in assets and for those established in 2012 the proportion increased to 50%.

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