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  • Attachment 1 – Business scenario


    Consider the example of an employer that needs to submit 15,000 contributions to their default fund USI in a single transaction (for example, fortnightly payroll event). In line with their general approach the employer might intend to incorporate all members into a single contribution transaction request (CTR) message; this means that a single payment is made to the USI. In addition the employer needs to register 100 members with their default fund USI, and intends to do so by including the member registration request (MRR) in the same ebMS3 envelope as the CTR.

    This scenario is demonstrated as follows:


    To implement this guidance note the employer should divide the 15,000 members into multiple CTR XBRL business documents. The employer will also need to ensure that the member registrations travel with the correct divided CTR document.

    Dividing MRR and CTR XBRL business documents

    In this example, at least two business documents are required to properly divide the CTR. While the division could be done in many ways, for the purposes of this example the 15,000 members are divided into two CTR business documents, one with 10,000 members (CTR1) and one with 5,000 members (CTR2).


     Dividing MRR and CRT

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