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  • Background

    The Fund Validation Service (FVS) is a suite of services supporting the implementation of the SuperStream Standard (the Standard), part of the Australian Government’s superannuation reform package. SuperStream improves the client experience by reducing cost and effort while making it easier to track people’s money.

    The Standard provides a consistent, reliable electronic method of transacting linked superannuation (super) data and payments.

    The FVS supports the Standard by providing a service for funds to meet their regulatory obligation to provide rollover and contribution information on the Fund Details Register (FDR).

    The FVS also provides a number of lookup services for funds, employers and intermediaries to access this information to support the making of rollovers or contributions in the Standard.

    The FVS is accessed through the SBR framework. You may need to build or purchase FVS-enabled software from a developer or provider who has done this for you.

    Mandatory use of the FVS

    All APRA-regulated super funds must provide particular fund details to the Commissioner of Taxation under subsection 34Z (2) of the Supervision Industry (Supervision) Act (SISA).

    The intent of the obligation is to facilitate the efficient electronic processing of rollovers and contributions by providing users with access to reliable message and payment delivery details. The Commissioner makes this information available in the FDR. The Commissioner is able to disclose the contents of the register to entities that comply with the Standard.

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