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Member contribution reporting requirements

Last updated 29 August 2017

Super providers that are accumulation funds must report total contributed amounts received, credited for or otherwise attributed to each member's account for a financial year.

Super providers that are defined benefits funds must report the amount of surchargeable contributions of a member for a financial year, and any other amounts that may be reasonably regarded as attributable to the member under the scheme for the financial year.

We use the following information reported on the Superannuation member contributions statement when we calculate surcharge:

  • employer contributions reported as an employer contributed amount (accumulation or defined benefits)
  • the post-20 August 1996 component of an eligible termination payment rolled over on or after 1 July 1997
  • allocated surplus amount (any amount allocated from surplus to the member's account on or after 1 July 1997 that exceeds an amount considered reasonable by an eligible actuary).

Employer contributions include SG shortfall amounts and superannuation holding account (SHA) special account amounts that have been transferred to the provider (except when these amounts represent a super co-contribution).