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Tax Time 2023 update – 1 August

Key messages and themes from the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group (TPSG) Tax Time meeting, held on 1 August 2023.

Last updated 3 August 2023


Members were advised of changes to ATO representatives for the meeting.

TPSG external member apologies:

  • Ani Tuna, BlueRock Accounting
  • Michael Croker, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand
  • Neville Birthisel, Institute of Financial Professionals Australia
  • Steve Inglis, Findex.

Welcome / action items

Members were welcomed and thanked for coming together to provide valuable insights and information for Tax Time 2023.

No action items to review.

ATO updates

Updates were provided from:

  • ATO Systems and Digital services, no issues noticed or reported across the various channels.
  • Service Delivery
    • lodgments received were slightly down compared to the same time last year
    • average wait times for agent calls is about 5 minutes
    • following a query from the 25 July meeting, confirmed that there have not been changes to the Proof of Record Ownership scripting.
  • Marketing and Communication, the tax time focus for this week through our communications and media activities includes  
  • Small Business
    • provided an update on Small Business boost measure
    • indexation of fuel tax credit rates has increased from 1 August. Industry associations should refer to ATO bulletin boards and update details listed on
    • both fuel and alcohol excise duty rates increased from 1 August and affected clients had been issued reminders to apply the correct rate to products delivered before and from 1 August. Clients were encouraged to review the rates as outlined on

Member discussed

Feedback relating to issues with Online services for agents was quieter across networks this week.

A small number of instances where BAS agents were unable to access Super Guarantee Charge information – members were encouraged to send examples to the secretariat for review.

Whether all agents should have received a full listing of their clients with debts previously placed on hold. Members were advised the campaign is being progressed in stages so agents would not necessarily have a full listing yet of all clients who may ultimately be impacted by the offsetting.

The opportunity for further communications to help clarify and support practitioners in relation to the Small Business Boost measure – for example: to clarify that both mobile phone hardware and bundled internet costs can be claimed if they're linked to business operations.

Member issues and insights

No new issues or insights were reported by members for the week.

No other business was raised.

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