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  • Old tax and BAS agent portals closing

    We have reached the end of the transition period from the old tax and BAS agent portals to Online services for agents. Thank you for collaborating with us throughout 2019 as we brought Online services for agents through the public beta process to make it the default digital platform for you.

    The portals have not been updated with new services for several months, and with major systems upgrades commencing shortly, the portals will soon no longer carry accurate information. Therefore, they will close at 11.30pm AEDT Friday 29 November 2019.

    Over 70% of tax agents and 84% of BAS agents have already transitioned to Online services for agents. If you are one of the few agents that have not transitioned, you will need to start familiarising yourself with it now. The system has inbuilt help, and we have a range of support material to assist you transition. This includes our key changes, user guide and webinars.

    We acknowledge some functions in Online services for agents are not yet the same or better than the tax and BAS agent portals. As we work on this, we continue to welcome your feedback about how we can further improve the service.

    Some portal services we are working on as a priority to provide in the first half of 2020 or sooner, in Online services for agents include:

    • Deceased estates – scheduled for the quarterly system release (beginning Friday 29 November 11.30pm to Monday 2 December 7.00am AEDT) to allow you to access deceased client's information if you are their legal personal representative. We will remove your client from Online services for agents when we receive official notification of their death. You will need to add the client and review and accept a declaration that you are authorised to access the information.
    • Tax type summary reports – until this report is available to access PAYG withholding, activity statement and interest information you can view the relevant reports:
      • Year to date revenue product summary report
      • PAYG instalment report
      • Year to date interest summary report
    • Non-lodgment advice for non-individuals – until then, you can lodge a Non-lodgment advice for non-individuals using the practitioner lodgment service (PLS). If your software does not include non-lodgment advice, phone us.
    • Activity statement account transactions navigation – you can navigate to the relevant activity statements by opening multiple tabs and windows. For general interest charge (GIC) calculation details use the GIC calculator on the Tax accounts screen or phone us.

    Check Troubleshooting for tax practitioners for more information about these services and workarounds.

    We will work to ensure our website is up to date with information about the services available through Online services for agents or the PLS.

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