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  • Browser settings for viewing and printing

    If you are having difficulties accessing payment slips, reports and other printer-friendly pages in the portal, this may be due to the browser settings on your computer. These items open in a new browser window known as a 'pop-up', which many browsers are set to block.

    Your browser settings may affect the ability to view and print payment slips, reports and other printer friendly pages in the portal.

    Change your browser settings

    If you have trouble viewing or printing pages follow these steps:

    Step 1

    De-select Do not save encrypted pages to disk

    • Open the Internet Explorer application
    • Select Tools
    • Select Internet Options
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • Scroll down to the Security heading
    • Untick Do not save encrypted pages to disc
    • Select OK.

    Step 2

    Turn off pop up blockers

    • Select Tools
    • Hover your cursor over Pop-Up Blocker
    • Select Turn off Pop-Up Blocker

    Step 3

    • Turn off Google and Yahoo toolbars if present
    • Select View
    • Select Toolbars
    • Select Customise
    • Remove the Google and Yahoo toolbars
    • Select Close

    Step 4

    • Ensure privacy setting is on Medium

    If you do not complete this step, your privacy settings will override the pop-up blocker and trusted sites.

    • Select Tools
    • Select Internet Options
    • Select the Privacy tab
    • Ensure the slider bar in the Settings box is set to Medium
    • Select OK

    Step 5

    Turn off Display PDF in Browser in Adobe Reader

    Recommended computer requirements

    We recommend you use the most recent version of Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader.

    Windows XP and Service Pack 2 (SP2)

    If your operating system is Windows XP and you have installed Service Pack 2 (SP2), the pop-up blocker function is turned on by default. This will block most automatic pop-ups, including portal report windows.

    If you experience this problem, complete the following steps:

    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. On the Tools menu, point to pop-up blocker and select pop-up blocker settings.
    3. In the Address of web site to allow box, type the web address or URL of the portal – Link – and select Add and then Close.

    This will allow portal reports to open in a new pop-up window but will continue to block other unwanted pop-ups.

    Find out more

    For more information about Windows pop-up blocker, refer to the Windows XP Help function on your computer.

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